AUDIO: Katrina vanden Heuvel: “Steve Cohen’s Anecdote Lecture — December 6, 1983/ via John/ podcast”

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Subject: Steve Cohen’s Anecdote Lecture — December 6, 1983/ via John/ podcast Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2020 From: Katrina vanden Heuvel <> Steve Cohen gave an annual anecdote lecture in his Soviet Politics class, first at Princeton starting in 1980, and running through his ten years at NYU — until about 2012 — Here is the 12/6/83 Lecture broken […]

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AUDIO: JRL NEWSWATCH: “What To Do With Toppled Statues? Russia Has A Fallen Monument Park” – NPR/ Lucian Kim

File Photo of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin

“… the city of Moscow designated [a] chaotic collection of statues [as] a sculpture park called Muzeon, also known as the Fallen Monument Park. In Russia, regimes have come and gone over the past century, from the overthrow of the czarist autocracy in 1917 to the collapse of the communist dictatorship in 1991. … Soviet statues abandoned in the Muzeon […]

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JRL NEWSWATCH AUDIO: “Since Relations Soured, Getting A U.S. Visa Has Been Tough For Russians” – NPR

Stylized Russian and U.S. Flags, 200, 1807-2007

“… two U.S. senators, Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut, were trying to visit Russia, but they say Russia denied their visas. At the same time, prominent Russians [like Anatoly Karpov] say they are having trouble getting U.S. visas. ….” Click here for “Since Relations Soured, Getting A U.S. Visa Has Been Tough For Russians” […]

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JRL NEWSWATCH AUDIO: “Generation Putin; Russia’s youth flex their political power” – PRI/ Indra Ekmanis/ Producer Daniel Ofman

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“… For more than 33 million Russians under age 20, the leadership of Putin is the only type of government they’ve ever known. Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as president in 2000. Since then he’s bounced between the offices of president and prime minister, most recently barring Navalny from running against him in the 2018 presidential elections. … young Russians … […]

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JRL NEWSWATCH AUDIO: “Russia’s role in WWII isn’t ‘part of our collective memory'” – PRI/ Natalia Antonova

File Photo of American Soldier Meeting Soviet Soldiers in Berlin in 1945, adapted from image at

“… the Soviet Union was … a complex actor, in spite of being an ally. The fact that it was at the time ruled by a mass murderer, Joseph Stalin, doesn’t help. … Americans … don’t know what to think about the USSR’s role in the worst conflict in human history … Russia’s revanchism on the world stage today doesn’t […]

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JRL NEWSWATCH AUDIO: “Reconsidering Russia Podcast #17: Stephen F. Cohen”

(Reconsidering Russia Podcast #17: Pietro A. Shakarian interview of Stephen F. Cohen – February 1, 2019 – embedded audio should load below, or click here: “Guest: Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian History at New York University and Princeton University. … author of numerous books on Russia and the former Soviet region, including the influential “Bukharin and the […]

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AUDIO: Podcast: Scott Horton Talks To Cybersecurity expert Jeffery Carr on Russia Hacking

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( – Interview with Jefferey Carr – April 7, 2017) Click here: Jeffrey Carr, an international cybersecurity consultant, discusses the low evidentiary standard the US government and media has used to make very serious accusations about Russian hacking of Ukrainian military software and, by extension, the DNC emails. Carr says that CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity report – the basis for all […]

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AUDIO: Reconsidering Russia Podcast #6: Fred Weir

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

(Reconsidering Russia Podcast – April 4, 2017) [DJ: Listen to the interview with the best Western journalist in Russia here:] [note from JRL web editor: embedded audio also should load below] “Guest: Fred Weir, Moscow Correspondent at The Christian Science Monitor, discusses Russian politics and society, US-Russian relations, the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukraine, the American Rust […]

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AUDIO: [Celeste Wallander] Podcast: Russia – their changing relationship with the world.

Celeste Wallander file photo

(“Podcast: Russia – their changing relationship with the world. President Obama’s special adviser on Russia discusses the rise of the new and troubled relationship in Europe’s east” – Celeste Wallander – – June 25, 2015) Celeste Wallander, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia and Central Asia, National Security Council, Washington DC, discusses “Russia – their changing […]

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NEWSWATCH AUDIO National Public Radio: New START Nuke Deal With Russia May Be Aging – But It’s Not Over

Russian Mobile ICBM Parade File Photo

NPR covers U.S.-Russian nuclear arms control and assessments of New START. ‘ [click here for transcript – click here for article – audio follows below] Five years ago, another big nuclear deal was being signed … known as the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) … its aim … simple: to limit the number of nuclear weapons the United States and Russia have pointed at […]

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