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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#10 :: Thursday, 13 January 2022
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1. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, WHY RUSSIA FEARS NATO –
2. Responsible Statecraft: Anatol Lieven, Did this week’s US-NATO-Russia meetings push us closer to war? Washington’s insistence on digging in over NATO expansion and pushing sanctions is setting up a major disaster for both sides.
3. Twitter: Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.
4. U.S. Department of State: Department Press Briefing – January 11, 2022 (excerpt with Victoria Nuland)
5. Interfax: Termination of NATO’s Open Door Policy, non-enlargement east are ‘absolute imperative’ for Russia – Deputy FM Grushko –
6. TASS: West’s attempts to secure dominance visible at security guarantee talks — Lavrov –
7. ‘Only threat to Ukraine is Ukraine itself’: Key takeaways from Moscow’s view of NATO-Russia negotiations. Deputy foreign minister insists de-escalation is possible despite ‘fundamental differences’ –
8. Gilbert Doctorow, ‘Fly on the wall’ at the press conference of Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, Russian Embassy, Brussels, 12 January 2022 –
9. The Guardian (UK): Patrick Wintour, Russia’s belief in Nato ‘betrayal’ – and why it matters today. The idea that the Soviet Union was tricked in 1989-90 is at the heart of Russia’s confrontation with the west.
10. National Public Radio (NPR): 4 things Russia wants right now.
11. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Gorbachev and the verbal promises of no Nato eastern expansion. Many Western leaders promised Gorbachev that Nato would not expand eastwards in 1990. Now Putin wants to hold the West to those promises.
12. AP: No Ukraine breakthrough, but NATO and Russia eye more talks.
13. Scott Ritter, Blinken’s blinkered vision of Russia. Relations between the US and Russia are at an all-time low, but rather than seeking a reasonable diplomatic resolution, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken seems comfortable uttering nonsensical assessments devoid of reality. –
14. Financial Times: Samuel Charap, Nato honesty on Ukraine could avert conflict with Russia. The alliance should affirm it has no plan to accept Kyiv’s membership bid, in return for a drawdown of Moscow’s forces.
15. Wall Street Journal: Russia Suggests Military Deployment to Venezuela, Cuba if Tensions With U.S. Remain High. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybakov said Moscow couldn’t exclude sending ‘military infrastructure’ to the two countries as tensions with U.S. soar and says talks have stalled.
16. Washington Post: David Ignatius, As the U.S. and Russia debate Ukraine, it’s hard to see the wiggle room.
17. Artyom Lukin, The age of heroism is over in Europe: There will be no more ‘guerrilla wars’. For all the talk of violent resistance, recent history shows talk comes cheap. –
18. Wall Street Journal: Energy Dependence Ties Europe’s Hands in U.S.-Russia Crisis. Europe gets almost one-third of its natural gas from Russia, limiting its ability to penalize Moscow.
19. Reuters: Russia-led bloc starts Kazakhstan pullout after possible coup bid crushed.
20. The Cradle (UK): Pepe Escobar, After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over. What happened in Kazakhstan increasingly looks like a US-Turkish-British-Israeli-led coup d’etat attempt foiled dramatically by their Eurasian adversaries. –
21. Russia Matters: Peter Leonard, In Kazakhstan Upheaval, Economic Grievances Collide With Tricky Transfer of Power.
22. Valdai Discussion Club: Timofei Bordachev, Neighbours and Crises: New Challenges for Russia. It is unlikely that Moscow would simply observe the processes taking place on its immediate periphery. The real challenge may be that in a few decades, or sooner, Moscow will have to take on an even greater responsibility, which Russia got rid of in 1991. –
23. Sam Greene: Out with the new, in with the old? Looking back, and looking around, in three conversations.
24. Intellinews: Belarus in Focus releases its annual review of the political situation in 2021 and its forecasts for 2022.

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