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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#200 :: Tuesday, 12 October 2021
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1. World needs to step up on climate change for the good of all mankind, Putin says, announcing plan to protect vast wilds of Russia –
2. TASS: Russia calls for proper use of terms to avoid climate change politicization — diplomat –
3. Poll says fewer Russians want Putin to stay in power after current term.
4. Nearly half of Russians want Putin to stay on as President after 2024, while one in four worry about ‘Cult of Personality’ – poll –
6. TASS: Russia’s political system developing to meet changing demands of society — Putin.
8. Meduza: Levada Center: Less than 10 percent of Russians support Navalny’s ‘Smart Vote’ initiative
9. Intellinews: Leonid Ragozin, Nobel prize fight. The Nobel committee has awarded Russian founder and editor of Novaya Gazeta the Peace Prize for his work to create a free press, but the decision has also highlighted the fractures in Russia’s opposition movement.
10. Glenn Diesen, America’s debt crisis could well shake the world. Cut off by sanctions & suspicion, Russia should ironically find itself insulated –
11. Russia’s Energy Influence In Europe Is Growing
12. Atlantic Council: Aura Sabadus, Europe’s energy crisis highlights dangers of reliance on Russia
13. Carnegie Moscow Center: Sergei Kapitonov, European Gas Crisis: Russia to the Rescue? The prompt stabilization of the European gas market is not only in the interests of collapsing European companies, but of Gazprom, too.
14. Paul Goble: Moscow Thinking about Creating an Arctic Fleet, TASS Reports.
15. Interfax: No substantial progress made on operations of Russian, U.S. embassies at talks with Nuland – Deputy FM Ryabkov
16. TASS: US shows no readiness to restore embassy personnel to original strength — senior diplomat –
17. TASS: Izvestia: Why Nuland was allowed to enter Russia and what to expect from talks.
18. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrey Sushenstov, Why the Soviet Experience Was Not Useful to the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq –
19. US & NATO deliberately trying to ‘heat up’ crisis in Afghanistan after chaotic exit sparked sharp rise in refugees, Russia claims –
20. The National Interest: David Pyne, To Counter Russia and China, Make ‘Spheres of Influence’ Great Again. Much like the 1945 Yalta Agreement, a global sphere of influence between the United States, Russia, and China might have similar success for the entire world.
21. Ted Galen Carpenter, Georgia: Another Dangerous, Loose-Cannon US Client –
22. TASS: Medvedev’s article does not discard dialogue, it specifies stance on Ukraine — expert.
23. Tarik Cyril Amar, Zelensky’s Purge: Ukraine’s latest internal battles show how hopes for the 2014 Maidan are fading amid fears of totalitarianism –
24. The Calvert Journal: Ada Wordsworth, How American immigrant literature is empowering Jewish authors to claim their Russian roots. US readers are desperate to get their hands on Russian-American literature. But as Ada Wordsworth discovers, many of the authors carrying this new wave of immigrant fiction are using their literature to reclaim key parts of their identity in an act of empowerment that has repercussions far beyond the bestseller list.

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