JRL NEWSWATCH: “Ukraine May Have to Accept a Cease-Fire” – WSJ

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

“The good news is it would open the door to eventual EU and NATO membership.”

“According to a recent report …. [Ukrainian] troops on the front line are running out of ammunition. Artillery shells are being rationed, forcing the Ukrainians to cancel planned assaults and making it hard to hold defensive positions against Russian attacks. … As Ukraine struggles, its allies dither. Congress went home for the holiday without resolving … U.S. aid …. Hungary’s pro-Russian leader vetoed the [EU’s] proposed $52 billion assistance package. If these logjams aren’t broken soon, Ukraine’s ability to sustain the war, its economy, and the basic functions of its government will be jeopardized. … There is little doubt that a[] [Congressional] agreement would include provisions on immigration that many Democrats won’t like, but that’s the price [Biden] must pay for allowing … the southern border to spin out of control. … European nations must muster the political will to provide Kyiv with country-to-country aid if bribes and threats can’t force [Hungary] … to end … opposition …. The West also must seize frozen Russian central-bank assets in Western financial institutions and use them for Ukraine’s benefit. …”

The House Foreign Affairs Committee supported the seizing of frozen Russian assets for such a purpose by a 40-2 vote in November. A European Parliament committee unanimously supported a similar proposal.

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