JRL NEWSWATCH: “Managing Russia’s dissolution” – The Hill/ Janusz Bugajski

Russia Regions Map

“Russia’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine and … persistent subversion of Western states demonstrates that Washington and Brussels have failed to restrain Moscow’s imperial ambitions. Engagement, criticism and limited sanctions have … reinforced Kremlin perceptions that the West is weak and predictable. To curtail Moscow’s neo-imperialism a new strategy is needed … [to] nourish[] Russia’s decline and manages the international consequences …. Russia is more fragile … and the West … stronger than … [appears]. Under … Putin … the country has transitioned from an emerging democracy to an unstable authoritarianism. … Neglecting Russia’s dissolution may prove more damaging to Western interests than making preparations to manage its international repercussions. … The sudden collapse of the Soviet Union should serve as a lesson ….”File Photo of Vladimir Putin at Podium with United Russia Logo, Gesturing

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