JRL NEWSWATCH: “Busting Nord Stream 2 myths” – bne Intellinews/Ben Aris

Gas Flame file photo

“The proposed expansion of the capacity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in Europe’s north, running from Russia’s Yamal gas fields to the German coast, has split Europe …. detractors claim it will make Europe more dependent on Russian gas and give the Kremlin a bigger club … to bully the rest of Europe. … supporters say it will diversify routes into Europe, improve energy security and … provide the EU with cheaper gas. … One of its most vocal critics is the U.S. … threatening to impose sanctions …. keen to sell more liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe, after it became a net producer of gas and has invested billions into LNG ports. … Putin said openly at Gazprom’s tenth anniversary party that Gazprom was a ‘tool of foreign policy’ ….”

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