[CALL FOR PAPERS: State of War: Human Condition and Social Orders:] The Russian Sociological Review

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Subject: The Russian Sociological Review
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2015 12:47:05 -0500
From: Nail Farkhatdinov (farkhatdinov@gmail.com)

The Russian Sociological Review (sociologica.hse.ru/en), an international peer-reviewed academic journal published by the National Research University – Higher School of Economics (www.hse.ru), invites contributions from philosophy, social sciences and cognate fields for the special issue entitled State of War: Human Condition and Social Orders.

From the beginning, sociology has tried to explain the emergence of social order, and to describe the conditions of solidarity. It has often been criticized for neglecting social conflicts, revolutions, and warfare. However, some sociologists have always been concerned with conflicts and revolutions. Warfare, indeed, has been a rare focus of sociological inquiry. It has only been during recent decades that sociologists have tentatively approached the topic, while the sociology of warfare is still a minor discipline for others. This may explain why social scholars still do not pay attention to the fact that the opposition of war and peace can be questioned. In sociology, social order before modernity is mainly understood as being imposed upon society by the police state which fulfills its legitimate monopoly on violence through specific institutions. Despite globalization, it is often assumed that the self-organization of society takes place within the secure borders of national states. We have to abandon this assumption since there are many instances of hybrid situations in the contemporary world. Examples of various undeclared wars, terror, the strengthening of secret intelligence services, overthrows of governments (coups d’etat), and revolutions challenge the traditional oppositions of the external and internal, or war and peace.

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April 20, 2015- 500 words abstracts deadline
May 1, 2015- Invitation to submit full papers
September 1, 2015- 6000 words full papers deadline
October 1, 2015- Notification of acceptance
October 20, 2015- Revised papers deadline
December, 2015- Publication

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