After 22 Years, Novaya Gazeta Editor Dmitry Muratov Steps Down

Collage of Russian Newspapers

(Moscow Times – – November 13, 2017) Dmitry Muratov, the veteran editor-in-chief of the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper is stepping down from his post. Muratov has been in his position for 22 years, and shepherded the independent newspaper and site through the turbulent years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the Boris Yeltsin administration, and since 2000, […]

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Novaya Gazeta Could Face Closure After Second Government Warning

File Photo of Kremlin Tower, St. Basil's, Red Square at Night

(Moscow Times – – Anna Dolgov – July 21, 2015) One of Russia’s last independent newspapers, the Novaya Gazeta weekly, plans to appeal in court the second government warning it has received within a year – which crosses the threshold that allows the authorities to shut it down. Media watchdog Roskomnadzor issued the latest warning for an expletive that […]

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