RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2020-#91 :: Tuesday, 19 May 2020

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#91 :: Tuesday, 19 May 2020
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1. Charitable donations increase 89% during quarantine period as Russians seek to help out the vulnerable.
2. Reuters: Russia Says Many Coronavirus Patients Died of Other Causes. Some Disagree.
3. Meduza: As Russia exits the first wave of its coronavirus epidemic, officials risk new outbreaks by basing decisions on bad data.
4. ‘Equipment on its way’: US to send 200 ventilators to Russia after Moscow dispatches a planeload of aid to New York.
5. TASS: Russian academic reveals four scenarios for post-pandemic world –
6. TASS: Russian prime minister resumes duties after recovering from coronavirus.
7. ABC News: IKEA Russia Offering Instructions On How To Build Pillow Forts, Furniture Castles For Quarantine.
8. Politico: Michele Berdy, LETTER FROM MOSCOW. How Russia’s Coronavirus Crisis Got So Bad. Mistrust, a disorganized response and a president who thought his spring would be a coronation. What could possibly go wrong?
9. AFP: Moscow virus doctors see no light at the end of the tunnel.
10. GlobalVoices: Maxim Edwards, Journalists in Russia’s regions catalogue the ‘unseen victims’ of COVID-19. Not all victims of the COVID-19 pandemic catch the virus.
11. TASS: ‘No turning back’: World has changed due to pandemic, ex-PM Medvedev says.
12. Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Serbei Rogov, The New Cold War: Consequences for Russian Society –
14. Artyom Lukin, 3 heavyweights in the ring: As US-China hostility escalates, what role will be played by the world’s other great power, Russia? –
15. Foreign Policy: Matthew Kroenig, The United States Should Not Align With Russia Against China. Authoritarians make bad allies-and Washington already has the stable and democratic friends it needs.
16. Nikkei Asian Review (Japan): Dimitri Simes, China scores points over Russia with ‘mask diplomacy’ in Belarus. Coronavirus brings Minsk closer to ‘polite and decent’ Beijing
17. Al Jazeera: Anton Mardasov, Has Russia grown tired of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad? And what is Russia’s role in the clash between the Assad and Makhlouf clans?
18. Brookings: Steven Pifer, US nukes in Poland are a truly bad idea –
19. Scott Ritter, US nukes in Poland would not be a deterrent, but a MASSIVE provocation for Russia –
20. The Baltic Word: NATO destroys the image of the Baltic armed forces
21. China Daily: Russia and U.S. look to revive space links –
23. Covid-19 fallout? Putin might INVADE & China will DOMINATE, says the Atlantic citing ‘experts’ –
24. The European Council on Foreign Relations: Jeremy Shapiro, A contest of extremes: Biden’s and Trump’s opposing positions on Russia. The 2020 election will likely determine whether America seeks a deal with Russia to carve up Europe into spheres of influence or launches a new, ideological cold war against the country.
25. Consortiumnews: Ray McGovern, Turn Out the Lights, Russiagate is Over. The possibility that Trump will not chicken out this time, and rather will challenge the Security State looms large since he felt personally under attack. –
26. Andrei P. Tsygankov: Russophobia in the Age of Donald Trump.

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