RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2020-#59 :: Wednesday, 1 April 2020

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#59 :: Wednesday, 1 April 2020
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1. Russia Beyond: Is Russia ready for the peak of the coronavirus epidemic? –
2. Russia sees drop in new Covid-19 cases, but cause for alarm as almost half of newly infected in Moscow are under 45.
3. Reuters: Putin Takes Coronavirus Precautions as Moscow Unveils Tracking App.
5. Moscow Times: ‘Children Will Die. It’s Terrifying’: Russia’s Charities Face Coronavirus Funding Crisis. Russia’s charities and NGOs face an acute funding crisis, as businesses and individuals cut back spending and lockdowns disrupt social care work.
6. Meduza: ‘There’s a shortage of absolutely everything’ . Russian doctors describe the beginning of their coronavirus pandemic from the front lines.
7. An appraisal of Alexei Navalny’s colleague Anastasia Vasilyeva and her “Alliance of Doctors”
8. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrey Pertsev, Unstable Putin. Consistency and predictability in Russian politics have all but died. Something extraordinary is unfolding right before people’s eyes: one immutable value (Putin) is destroying another (stability).
9. RFE/RL: One Russian Blogger’s Effort To Unearth The Secrets Of Putin’s Rise To Power.
10. Valdai Discussion Club: Elena Alekseenkova, Corona as a Crown of (Neo)Modernism –
11. The calm before the storm: Russia’s March PMI manufacturing index shows only a mild decline.
12. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrey Kortunov, Why the G20 Won’t Save the World –
13. Financial Times: Antoine Halff, Saudi-Russia oil war is a game theory masterstroke. The sell-off has hit high-cost producers while US shale can no longer be a free-rider.
14. The Unz Review: Mike Whitney, Trump Asks Putin for Help in Oil War –
15. Gary Littlejohn, Oil Price Rises After Trump Phones Putin –
16. Moscow Times: Where Has Russia Sent Coronavirus Aid Around the World?
17. ‘This is NUTS!’ Russiagaters see red over Putin’s planeload of corona-aid for Trump, queue to look gift-horse in mouth –
18. Bryan MacDonald, How disinformation really works: Activists linked to pro-NATO think tank smear Russian Covid-19 aid to Italy –
19. Foreign Policy: Elisabeth Braw, Beware of Bad Samaritans. China and Russia are sending medical aid to Italy and other coronavirus-stricken countries, but their motives aren’t so altruistic.
20. Washington Post: Samantha Vinograd, The coronavirus is a gift to Russia and other disinformation attackers. The pandemic is a perfect backdrop for propaganda efforts by U.S. adversaries.
22. Russia in Global Affairs: Andrei Tsygankov, G – GREAT POWERNESS –
23. Russia in Global Affairs: Vera Ageeva, J – JUSTICE –
24. Olivia Rutigliano, DEEP FOCUS: “THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING” – [Available on Prime Video:]
25. East-West Digital News: Russian culture, education and entreprise software available online for free in times of quarantine,
26. Russian Life: Maria Antonova, Homebound a la Russe –
27. Danielle Ryan, Belarus’ gamble: Lukashenko ignores Covid-19 warnings as the rest of Europe panics –
28. RFE/RL: Donbas Development: Will ‘Advisory Council’ Unlock Door To Direct Talks Between Kyiv And Russia-Backed Separatists?
29. The National Interest: Dimitri Alexander Simes, Abandon Ship: Why Ukrainians are Leaving Their Country for Other Opportunities. Although the instability created by the war in eastern Ukraine has helped fueled mass migration, the main reason why many Ukrainians are leaving their homeland is because of structural economic problems that precede the conflict.
30. Kyiv Post: Facebook steps up fact-checking in Ukraine.
31. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, Stopfake.

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