RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2020-#127 :: Thursday, 16 July 2020

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#127 :: Thursday, 16 July 2020
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1. The National Interest: Thomas Graham Jr. and Matthew Rojansky, New Sanctions Challenge the Tenuous Ties Between America and Russia. Peaceful coexistence remains an imperative, no matter how unsavory Putin’s regime might be.
2. Brookings: Angela Stent, Putin 5.0?
3. Reuters: Russian Scientists Hail Results of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial.
4. Moscow Times: Russia’s Khabarovsk Region Tasted Democracy. Now Voters Feel It Was Ripped Away. Protesters told The Moscow Times they will continue rallying until their governor’s murder trial is held in Khabarovsk.
6. Bloomberg: Kremlin Plots Pullback from Stimulus Despite Rising Infections.
7. Russia’s Gazprom reports losses as gas sales plummet amid coronavirus pandemic.
8. Forbes: Kenneth Rapoza, Why Russian Companies Are Rediscovering Their Own Country.
9. Financial Times: Russia’s rookie investors fuel stock market trading boom. Rate cuts and savings tax raid prompt millions to pour cash into shares and bonds.
10. Paul Robinson, Moscow’s reaction to restoration of Hagia Sophia as mosque reminds us Russia is ultimately part of Western world.
11. Wall Street Journal: Secretary of State Pompeo Lifts Sanctions Exemption From Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. U.S. has been trying to stop Russian pipeline, which will deliver natural gas to Germany and is nearing completion.
12. ‘Attempted extortion’: Germany reaffirms commitment to Russian gas project despite US threats.
13. Reuters: Russia keeps US fuel oil exports high as Washington seeks to replace Venezuelan barrels.
14. Putin makes it easier to obtain Russian passport. Moscow tries new approach to tackle demographic challenges.
15. PONARS Eurasia: Peter Rutland and Andrei Kazantsev, Do Black Lives Matter in Russia?
16. Kennan Institute: Igor Fedyukin, Reckoning with Public Monuments in Russia and the United States.
17. Moscow Times: Can I Travel to Russia Now That Quarantine Is Over?
18. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, China-Russia Relationship Model for Major Powers. For the foreseeable future, Russian-Chinese relations are likely to be closer, and more productive than Russian-American ones. This is not based on emotions, but on national interests.
19. Zachary Paikin, Through thick and thin: Russia, China and the future of Eurasian International Society. (excerpt)
20. Russia Insider: Jon (Yuan) Jiang, Russia Is the Biggest Strategic Beneficiary of the China-India Clash.
21. Nikkei Asian Review (Japan): Dimitri Simes, Unrest threatens China’s Belt and Road ‘success story’ in Belarus. Democracy movement creates possible lose-lose dilemma for Beijing.
22. Financial Times: Central Asian countries fear economic hit as virus cases surge. Kazakhstan and neighbours reintroduce lockdown after rising infections highlight danger of exiting early.
23. NYU Jordan Center: Marlene Laruelle and Dylan Royce, Russian Media Influence in Central Asia: Easy to Imagine, Difficult to Find.
24. Rudra Sil: Comment re: Times (UK) article on Russian Healthcare (JRL 2020-126)
25. The Independent (UK): Ukrainian journalist forced to flee following threats from far-right. Ekaterina Sergatskova was targeted after documenting alleged links between neo-Nazis and a local Facebook fact-checking organisation.
26. The National Interest: Did Putin Get the Origins of World War II Right? Several experts examine and assess the validity of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s depiction of the diplomacy in the 1930s leading up to the second world war.
27. The Unz Review: The Saker, There Is a Dark and Dangerous Forest Behind These Burning Trees… (excerpt)
28. New York Times: Strains Show in Russia’s Make-Believe Politics.
29. New York Times: ‘Putin’s People’ Documents the Ruthless and Relentless Reach of Kremlin Corruption.
30. New York Times: I Was a Counterterrorism Chief. Trump Knew What Russia Was Doing. Neglecting aggression by Vladimir Putin inevitably invites more of it.
31. Yahoo news: Exclusive: Secret Trump order gives CIA more powers to launch cyberattacks.
32. Washington Post: Trump wants the CIA to cooperate with Russia. We tried that. It was a disaster. Putin doesn’t want a constructive relationship with the United States. He just wants to beat us.
33. MSNBC: Transcript: Fiona Hill: Fortitude. (excerpt)

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