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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#146 :: Tuesday, 10 September 2019
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1. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Pundit urges authorities to look at causes of Moscow protests. (Sergey Karaganov)
2. Foreign Affairs: Richard Fontaine, Great-Power Competition Is Washington’s Top Priority-but Not the Public’s. China and Russia Don’t Keep Most Americans Awake at Night.
3. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrei Tsygankov, From Dominance to Self-Destruction of the West?
4. Meduza: Navalny’s ‘Smart Vote’ for the win? Politicians and political analysts disagree about the impact of a new strategic voting campaign in Russia.
5. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Navalny’s “Smart Vote” Won the Moscow Opposition Just 3 Seats (Out of 45) –
6. Meduza: Volkov: The summer movement is ending, but civil society keeps evolving
7. Meduza: Rylkin: Navalny blew it.
8. Interfax: Russian PM questions dominant party’s election strategy.
9. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrey Pertsev, Regional Rehearsal: Kremlin’s Electoral Plans Look Set for Rethink.
10. Russia Insider/Vesti: ‘Foreign Agents’ Actively Involved in Recent Moscow Demonstrations (Russian TV News) –
11. RFE/RL: A New Hope? Five Takeaways From The Elections In Moscow And Elsewhere.
12. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Alexei Navalnyi: Lenin of Today?
13. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, The New Problems with Putin’s Old Political System. There remains no mechanism for selecting a successor to Vladimir Putin or for ensuring that the current system can perpetuate itself through this middle of the twenty-first century.
14. Center for Strategic and International Studies: J. Stephen Morrison and Judyth Twigg, Putin and Global Health: Friend or Foe?
15. Russia Considers Possibility Of $25 Oil Next Year.
16. Russia now has more assets than debt, despite sanctions.
17. Interfax: Robot FEDOR returns to Korolyov.
18. ‘Pulp fiction’: Kremlin says alleged CIA mole was a minor official with no access to Putin –
19. Interfax: Kremlin denies that man identified by U.S. media as spy and defector ever worked at Presidential Affairs Directorate.
20. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Was This Man the Prized U.S. Asset in the Kremlin? If a midlevel Kremlin official was indeed the agent the U.S. pulled from Russia in 2017, he couldn’t have known much about covert election interference.
21. South China Morning Post: Vladimir Putin has suggested that the G7 should expand to include Russia, India, China and Turkey –
22. The Mitteleuropean view: Putin’s Belarusian ace stays in the hole?
23. Awful Avalanche: Non-Secret Codicil to M-R Blogposts –
24. Moscow Times: Russia Declassifies WWII Docs Relating to Soviet-Nazi Pact.
25. Carnegie Moscow Center: Alexander Baunov, Fresh Approaches Enable Russia-Ukraine Prisoner Swap. For the Kremlin, key conditions for the prisoner exchange were President Zelensky’s reference to joint work by two states and two presidents, recognition that there were advantages to the swap for both sides, and the exclusion of the exchange from the victory/defeat paradigm.
26. Global Research: Andrew Korybko, The Russia-Ukraine Prisoner Swap: A Path to Peace and Rapprochement? –
27. Ivan Katchanovski: The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigations.
28. Patrick Lawrence, The Establishment is Changing its Tune on Russia. Russophobic rhetoric persists in Washington, but a counter-argument is emerging –
29. [FROM 2013:] February 25, 2013: Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia: [From 2013:] Putin System Degenerating and Will Be Swept Away, Solovey Argues.

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