RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#110 :: Thursday, 11 July 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#110 :: Thursday, 11 July 2019
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1. TASS: Putin points to upbeat figures in Russia’s economy.
2. Meeting with Russian journalists.
3. Putin ridicules green energy in speech in Russia’s dirtiest region.
4. Kenneth Rapoza, In Russia, Putin Prefers Birds Over Windmills.
5. Bear Market Blog: Entrepreneurs say business conditions are poor.
6. Gilbert Doctorow, Summertime: has Europe shut down for vacation? –
7. Interfax: Russian ombudsman calls for LGBT rights to be protected.
9. Moscow Times: Evan Gershkovich, Crime, Torture and Punishment in a Moscow Suburb. Viktor Lukyan, sentenced to six years for murder, had little chance of a fair trial under a system that presumes defendants are guilty.
10. Carnegie Moscow Center/RBC: Andrei Kolesnikov, Why Government Economists Are Getting Nervous in Russia. Every step taken by any state manager, including ministers within the government’s economic bloc, is limited by a maze of KPIs, over the achievement of which they often simply have no control.
11. Moscow Times: Russians Work More Nights, Weekends Than Other Europeans – Research.
12. Moscow Times: Nearly Half of Russians Oppose 4-Day Work Week, Poll Says.
13. Riddle: A Tax Paying Autocracy? Jeremy Morris wonders whether Russia’s rising tax take is a sign of a state getting more effective, or if it is simply more of a federal fiscal cul de sac.
14. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, FREEDOM (excerpt)
15. Postsocialism: Jeremy Morris, Public intellectuals in a bathhouse full of spiders. –
16. The Barents Observer: “We want to change the course of history,” says Northern Sea Route operator. With new super-powerful icebreakers, the Russian Arctic route might be able to compete with the Suez Canal, leader of nuclear power company Rosatom argues.
17. Interfax: Russia-U.S. trade in 2019 expected not to change year-on-year – trade rep.
18. TASS: Russia expects to resolve disagreements with US over New START.
19. Paul Goble: Attitudes of New Leaders in Russia and US Making Nuclear War Ever More Likely, Golts Says.
20. The National Interest: Lyle Goldstein, Europe Is Stuck between the United States and Russia. Is America using the Nord Stream-2 Gas Pipeline as a target for its hostility toward Russia?
21. Huawei looking to Russia for technology to cut reliance on US tech.
22. The National Interest: Yacqub Ismail, The Limits of the Alliance Between China and Russia. Though the Sino-Russian partnership is growing by the day and will continue to develop, it ultimately benefits China at the expense of Russia. But creating a strategic alliance between the two countries could challenge the current world order.
23. TASS: Open access to Chernobyl exclusion zone carries risks, says expert.
24. New Cold War: Andriy Manchuk, My Chernobyl and HBO’s version. –
25. Valdai Discussion Club: Konstantin Truevtsev, Astana Format: What Has Been Done and What Needs to Be Done –
26. Russian State Duma calls for sanctions on Georgia, but Putin urges restraint.
27. TASS: Russia ready for talks on Ukraine after new government is formed in Kiev, says Putin.
28. Zelensky has ultimatum for Donbass, but is he in a position to talk? –
29. Reuters: Party of Ukraine’s New President Leads Parliamentary Vote Race.
30. Bear Market Blog Ukraine: Polls predict landslide victory for party of president Volodymyr Zelensky.
31. TASS: Vedomosti: Kremlin’s backing of Medvedchuk’s party mobilizes anti-Russian forces.
32. TASS: Expectations regarding Zelensky are too high, says Ukrainian opposition politician.
34. The New Republic: Michael Colborne, Friday Night Fights With Ukraine’s Far Right. The Azov Battalion is using mixed martial arts to prepare to fight non-Europeans-and seems to be exporting that model to the West. (excerpt)
35. Another nail in Russiagate coffin? Federal judge destroys key Mueller report claim. –
36. Washington Post: Philip Bumb, Don’t blame the Seth Rich conspiracy on Russians. Blame Americans.

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Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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