RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-210 :: Monday, 6 November 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#210
Monday, 6 November 2017

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1. Christian Science Monitor: Mark Sappenfield, The Russia that Russians see. A Monitor reporter and editor’s recent first visits to Russia were nothing less than a revelation. The Russia of so many Western imaginings simply isn’t there.
2. Christian Science Monitor: Sara Miller Llana and Fred Weir, One family’s divergent views of the Bolshevik revolution tell a tale of Russia’s complicated past – and present. As the world prepares to mark that seminal moment of the 20th century, perspectives on the consequences and costs to Russia of that earthshaking event are deeply complicated. Such splits are everywhere – in opinion polls, at family dinner tables, in the commentary of guides at history exhibits in the capital.
3. The National Interest: Jeffrey Burt, James Hitch, Peter Pettibone, Thomas Shillinglaw, Trump, Eisenhower and Russia: A Chance for Peace. It’s time for a reassessment of U.S.-Russia relations that starts the process of moving from confrontation to cooperation.
4. Sputnik: US Congressmen Reject Russian Ambassador’s Meetings Requests.
5. Shattered US-Russia ties ‘greatest threat’ to world peace – German FM.
6. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson BASIC SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
7. Fort Russ: Question of the century: Did Putin plant Russian souvenirs at Kiev airport?
8. TASS: Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater evacuated due to bomb scare – source.
9. Sputnik: Putin Reveals the Pillars of the Russian ‘Genetic Code’
10. Reception to mark National Unity Day.
11. Soobshchestvo forum of proactive citizens.
12. 260+ detained in Moscow after extremist group calls for rallies, plans arson attacks.
13. Coda Story: Amie Ferris-Rotman, The Kremlin’s 1917 Revolution Problem. The 100th anniversary of the October Revolution brings difficult memories for modern-day Russia.
14. The Guardian (UK): Shaun Walker, Revolution, what revolution? Russians show little interest in 1917 centenary. Results of revolution led by Lenin are criticised as ‘ambiguous’ by Putin in what is seen as an effort to downplay revolution as political tool.
15. RFE/RL: On Revolution Centenary, Perplexed Russians Ask, ‘Who Am I To Judge?’
16. The Independent (UK): Oliver Carroll, Russian Revolution at 100: Why the centenary means little to modern day Russia’s leaders – and its people. St Petersburg and Moscow are holding a number of commemorations – while there have been hundreds of arrests over protests – but for a large amount of the populace, the revolution is too far removed from their daily lives.
17. The Guardian: Angus Roxburgh, The Soviet 70s: how Russians made pools of light in the totalitarian darkness. On the centenary of the revolution, my memories are of people defying the regime around the kicthen table, with a togetherness missing in western lives.
18. TASS: Ekho Moskvy radio host returns to work after suffering stabbing attack.
19. Paul Goble: Two-Thirds of Russia’s Villages have Disappeared or Soon Will, Statistics Show.
20. Deutsche Welle: Where Russia falls short in fight against climate change. The UN’s annual climate conference is being held this November in Bonn. How does the fight for climate protection look in Russia? Experts complain of massive environmental problems and activists of government pressure.
21. From arms to farming: Russia becomes a grain superpower.
22. Russian LNG Unfazed By U.S. Sanctions.
23. Tom Junes, What is Russian influence, anyway? A new book on Russia’s role in the Balkans demonstrates not just the extent of Moscow’s influence – but also its limits.
24. Alexander Mercouris, Putin behind Brexit? Russiagate hysteria spreads to Britain. Anti-Brexit campaigners turn to ‘Russian meddling’ meme in last ditch effort to reverse Brexit.

Putin behind Brexit? Russiagate hysteria spreads to Britain

25. Izvestia: Russian special forces officer reveals Syria fighting lessons.
26. The Unz Review: The Saker, Does Russia Now Have Superior Military Technology?
27. Moscow Times: Christopher Stroop, The Russian Orthodox Church and the Impact of Bolshevism.
28. UNIAN (Kyiv): Volker says Russia controls 100% of what’s happening in Donbas.
29. Fort Russ: Maidan plan gone wrong: Did Putin save Crimea from “drowning in blood”?
30. TASS: Izvestia: Moscow believes Silicon Valley caved to US government pressure.
31. Sheldon Richman, Quit Worrying About Russia in Borderless World.
32. Meduza: Meet the Russians in the ‘Paradise Papers’
33. Recode: Yuri Milner says he was not working for Russia to turn social media against U.S. democracy.
34. OCCRP Paradise Papers:Candy Company Plans Haunt Ukrainian President.
35. 100Reporters: Lucy Komisar, The Man Behind the Magnitsky Act. Did Bill Browder’s Tax Troubles in Russia Color Push for Sanctions?

The Man Behind the Magnitsky Act Did Bill Browder’s Tax Troubles in Russia Color Push for Sanctions?

36. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Facebook Ads Reveal the Real Russian Game. U.S. intelligence estimates were wrong: Russian trolls and their Kremlin masters weren’t partisan.
37. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, In Defense of (Some) Whataboutism. U.S. commentators often appear to misunderstand an old Soviet propaganda technique.
38. New York Times: Evelyn Farkas, With Manafort, It Really Is About Russia, Not Ukraine.
39. New York Times: Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook Investments.
40. Council on Foreign Relations: Russia, Trump, and the 2016 U.S. Election.
41. Washington Post: Jennifer Rubin, The Trump administration is up to its neck in Russians.
42. Washington Post: At least nine people in Trump’s orbit had contact with Russians during campaign and transition.
43. Washington Post: Contacts between Russians and Trump associates occurred multiple times. (video)
44. Washington Post: Russia tried to corrupt the 2016 election. Could it do the same Tuesday?
45. The Cipher Brief: What Dirt Does Russia Have on You?
46. Wall Street Journal: Stephen Kotkin, Communism’s Bloody Century. In the 100 years since Lenin’s coup in Russia, the ideology devoted to abolishing markets and private property has left a long, murderous trail of destruction.

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