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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#145 :: Thursday, 13 August 2020
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1. Russia Beyond: What we know about the FIRST registered COVID-19 vaccine in the world.
2. Russia ready for ‘international cooperation’ on Covid-19 vaccine for everyone – UN envoy.
3. TASS: Vedomosti: Russia targets quarter of global COVID-19 vaccine market.
4. Intellinews: Ben Aris, No test results to back up Russia’s coronavirus vaccine but Russia will mass produce anyway. Russia claims it has developed an effective vaccine against the coronavirus (COVID-19) but researchers have not shared any of the efficacy results from the early trials.
5. Meduza: The first vaccine that wasn’t. Russia approves a coronavirus immunization, but a lack of clinical trials means those getting inoculated are rolling the dice.
6. Moon of Alabama: Western’ Media Falsely Claim That Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine Is Ready To Go –
7. Financial Times: West’s response to Russian vaccine owes as much to geopolitics as science. Virus treatment based on internationally approved Ebola inoculation draws criticism.
8. Gilbert Doctorow, Vladimir Putin announces registration of Russian Covid-19 vaccine –
9. New York Times: ‘This Is All Beyond Stupid.’ Experts Worry About Russia’s Rushed Vaccine.
10. Global Times (China): China likely to take lead along Russia in accelerated global vaccine race: experts –
11. AFP: Russian Economy Shrank 8.5% in Second Quarter – Official Data. Fall in GDP is less severe than government and Central Bank feared.
12. Interfax: FSIN reports another record drop in Russian prison population
13. Valdai Discussion Club: Yaroslav Lissovolik, Operational Space as an Imperative of Russian Foreign Policy –
14. Russian International Affairs Council: Kirill Semenov, Russia’s Game on the Libyan Field: From Gaddafi to Haftar –
16. Bloomberg: Russia Ditches the Dollar for Bulk of Its Exports to China.
17. Russia Beyond: 7 Russian documentaries you must watch –
18. Russia Beyond: What was wrong with life in the USSR? –
19. Counterpunch: Melvin Goodman, Trump’s War On Arms Control and Disarmament
20. Awful Avalanche: How the USSR Tried To Create Alternative to Molotov-Ribbentrop – Part V –
21. Tensions soar in post-election Belarus amid reports of police firing at apartment windows & officers being run over (VIDEO) –
22. TASS: Media: Belarus steps up repressions as mass protests continue.
23. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Does Lukashenko have enough forces to oppress the entire country? Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko normally relies on some 10,000 security forces to enforce his control, but with 100,000s of people on the street that number is woefully inadequate now.
24. Carnegie Moscow Center: Artyo Shraibman, Belarus Protests Signal the Autumn of Lukashenko’s Regime. It’s not yet clear how the country will emerge from this political crisis, but it’s safe to say things won’t go back to the way they were.
25. Meduza: The lost boys . Before the Belarusian presidential election, police in Minsk arrested a group of Russian mercenaries for supposedly plotting riots. ‘Meduza’ tried to find out why they were really there.
26. TASS: Ex-PM Medvedev: US trying to use Internet as its fiefdom.
27. The American Conservative: Daniel Larison, U.S.-Russia Relations: In Need Of Emergency Resuscitation, Stat! Sober minds are finally realizing that if we don’t call for a reset now, we face even worse geopolitical consequences later.
28. Scott Ritter, Russia wants neither ‘rethink’ nor ‘reset’ if it means restoring American supremacy & returning to Cold War diplomacy –
29. Facebook: Fred Weir, Putin.
30. New York Times: A Bible Burning, a Russian News Agency and a Story Too Good to Check Out. A story about protesters burning Bibles drew condemnation from conservatives. It now appears to have been wildly exaggerated – and the first viral hit in Russia’s 2020 disinformation campaign.
31. Politico: David Kramer, No, Now Is Not the Time for Another Russia Reset. Until Moscow is willing to do its part, Washington should avoid pointless dialogue and instead push back firmly against Vladimir Putin’s aggression. (Signed by 33 people)
32. Strategic Culture Foundation editorial: The Russians Are Coming! Or Have They Already Arrived? –
33. Washington Post: David Ignatius, Putin is reckless because we allow him to be

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