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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#211 :: Thursday, 28 October 2021
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1. AFP: Moscow shuts down as Russia sees record virus cases, deaths
2. Moscow Times: 3 in 4 Unvaccinated Russians Refuse to Get Coronavirus Jab – Gallup.
3. TASS: Kommersant: Russia to relaunch campaign on vaccination propaganda.
4. Responsible Statecraft: Anatol Lieven, Divining Putin: What Russia is willing to do (or not) for its own interests. The further the Biden administration kicks the Ukraine issue down the road, the greater the chance for something to set it off.
5. Russia Matters: Angela Stent, Notes on Valdai 2021: Putin Touts Russia’s ‘Healthy Conservatism’. The main messages from the meeting were that Russia, with its with its unique history and healthy conservative civilization, can offer solutions for a world where the West is in retreat.
6. Paul Robinson, Eyeing the rise of identity and gender politics in the West, Putin’s new vision for Russia is as Europe’s last conservative nation –
7. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Communists face rare crackdown in Russia, upending old balance. Political loyalties are tested when ruling parties face pressure. Russia’s Communists have benefited from the Kremlin’s carefully crafted system but are alleging fraud – and facing consequences.
8. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Christopher Bort, How the Kremlin Learned to Defeat Its Opposition. Russia’s September 2021 parliamentary elections demonstrated the lengths to which the Kremlin will go to crack down on opposition groups. Where did this strategy come from—and how far will the Kremlin take it?
9. Dmitry Stefanovich, Putin used Valdai speech to champion ‘moderate conservatism,’ but West’s insistence on seeing Russia as a threat could lead to war –
10. AFP: Russia’s ‘foreign agent’ reporters navigate ‘absurd’ rules
11. Gilbert Doctorow, Russia’s ‘Greens’ Revolution –
12. Amid gas supply shortages & surging prices, Putin directs Gazprom to fill EU storage units once Russian domestic demand satisfied –
13. Wall Street Journal: Europe’s Push to Loosen Russian Influence on Gas Prices Bites Back. A move to ditch oil-linked gas contracts paid off when gas was in ample supply but will cost EU members an estimated $30 billion this year.
14. Al Jazeera: Energy crunch: Russia could reap windfalls as other nations reel. China, Europe and India are all looking to Russia to help alleviate energy shortages
15. Bloomberg: Liam Denning, Russia Isn’t Built to Handle Climate Change. The country has a lot to lose as the planet warms but will also pay a high price to fight it
16. TASS: World will face climate change even after reaching carbon neutrality goals — Rosneft CEO –
17. Washington Post: Putin has pledged carbon neutrality by 2060. He claims Russia’s forests will do much of the work.
18. Moscow Times: U.S. Warns Moscow Embassy Could Stop Functioning Due to Visa Row
19. The Hill: Joshua Huminski, A modern U.S.-Russia policy must embrace realism and strategic humility.
20. Glenn Diesen, America’s battle lines against Russia are being drawn in the icy Arctic. Stuck in the middle, Norway is now NATO’s nuclear shield –
21. Washington Post: Pentagon spotlights the Black Sea, but plans for confronting Russia remain murky.
22. Intellinews: Kremlin issues warning after Kyiv uses Turkish drone in eastern Ukraine strike
23. Finian Cunningham, NATO Sliding Towards War Against Russia in Ukraine –
24. New York Times: Is ‘Havana Syndrome’ an ‘Act of War’ or ‘Mass Hysteria’?
25. Putin’s Russia today – Former Ambassador Michael McFaul on “Intelligence Matters”

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