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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#159 :: Tuesday, 10 August 2021
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1. Moscow Times: UN’s Bombshell Climate Change Report Forecasts Fire and Floods for Russia.
2. Russia Beyond: 8 MAIN achievements of Russian athletes at Tokyo 2020 (PHOTOS)
3. Moscow Times: Victor Davidoff, Sergei Kovalev: The White Crow of Russian Government. Kovalev proved that you can fight for your principles over decades — and sometimes win.
5. Paul Robinson, Russian liberals hoped for an anti-Putin street revolution. They now may be realising that they wasted years on a doomed strategy.
6. Facebook: Fred Weir, Paul Robinson.
7. AP: Russia opens new criminal case against top Navalny allies.
8. Jeremy Morris, Russians’ (supposed) ‘polycentric relativism’: Levada’s legacy and the sociology of Homo Soveticus (Part II)
9. American Enterprise Institute: Elisabeth Braw, After Mike Calvey’s flawed trial, who will invest in Russia?
10. TASS: Trust towards Russian army in society is as high as 86% — Shoigu.
11. TASS: Two-thirds of Russians say Russia’s influence in the world based on military might — poll.
12. Moscow Times: Pushkin House Announces Short List for 2021 Book Prize.
13. Russia Matters summary: Artyom Lukin, The Russia–China Entente and Its Future.
14. Financial Times: Joint Russian and Chinese military exercise stirs US unease. Analysts say Moscow and Beijing could grant access to each other’s electronic communications systems.
15. RFE/RL: China, Russia Showcase Growing Ties With Joint Military Exercises.
16. Wall Street Journal: Russia’s Quest for Mideast Influence Hindered by Renewed Fighting in Syria. Moscow had supported the Syrian government and brokered a cease-fire with rebels in Daraa, but now the pact is breaking.
17. The National Interest: Sarah Keisler, Arctic Balancing: Biden Should Ally with China before Russia Does. Just this once, Beijing could be Biden’s best friend.
19. Awful Avalanche: The Ukrainian Language Is Unprofitable.
20. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrey Sushentsov, Ukraine’s Foreign Policy as an Experiment. The Ukrainian elites have shaped their foreign policy interest — attracting Western countries to their side and turning Ukraine into a bulwark against Russia. Instead of focusing on internal development, Ukraine is striving at all costs to attract the attention, and better the resources of the West for confrontation with Russia.
21. Meduza:You can choke on those sanctions’. Lukashenko holds a press conference on the anniversary of Belarus’s contested presidential vote.
22. Bellicose Lukashenko claims that Russia & Belarus could team up & bring Western-orientated Ukraine ‘to its knees’ in just 24 hours
23. New York Times: Belarus Leader Lashes Out at the West, a Year After Crushing Protests. In an eight-hour news conference, President Aleksandr Lukashenko called Britain an “American lapdog” and took credit for averting World War III.
24. Intellinews: Timothy Ash, Confusion over the details of the new Belarus sanctions but they will work. The UK and US just imposed new even harsher sanctions on Belarus, but there is still some confusion over just what was done and to what extent the main players have coordinated their efforts, but the bottom line is the screws have turned tight on Lukashenko’s rogue state.
25. The Guardian (UK: Interview. Jonathan Steele: ‘I came to Russia a political correspondent and left a crime reporter’. The veteran journalist, who moved to Moscow in 1988, charted the collapse of a superpower. But, he tells his successor, the Gorbachev revolution has been poisoned.

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