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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#227 :: Wednesday, 17 December 2020
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1. New York Times Magazine: Abrahm Lustgarten, HOW RUSSIA WINS THE CLIMATE CRISIS. Climate change and its enormous human migrations will transform agriculture and remake the world order — and no country stands to gain more than Russia. (Excerpt)
2. Meduza: Minimum 30 percent. The Russian authorities have set a coronavirus vaccination target, but will they have enough doses?
3. AFP: Putin Urges Food Price Cap As Russian Economy Falters. The Kremlin has shunned a second lockdown. But the pandemic is still causing financial headaches.
4. Financial Times: Russia’s biggest retailers cap food prices after Kremlin intervention. Government says it will regulate cost of ‘socially significant goods’ if they climb more than 10%.
5. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Millions of Russians left jobless in 2020.
6. No Yardstick: András Tóth-Czifra, NY Dispatches: Fragile sovereignism –
7. Doug Bandow, Joe Biden Confronts Russia: The Problem of Diplomacy Without Compromise –
8. Russia Beyond: 5 most anticipated Russian movies of 2021 –
9. Counterpunch: Joshua Frank, Russia’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster. Secrets, Cover-Ups and the Radioactive Legacy of Mayak –
10. TASS: Biden will alleviate EU-US strife but issues will remain, says Russian envoy –
11. The National Interest: Philip Breedlove and Michael O’Hanlon, The Black Sea: How America Can Avoid a Great-Power Conflict. America is in a period of great-power competition but it is not in a period of conflict, and the goal should be to keep things that way while competing effectively against Russian and Chinese influence.
12. Nikkei Asia (Japan): Dimitri Simes Jr., Russian military buildup in Northeast Asia rattles Japan and US. Moscow puts advanced missiles on Hokkaido doorstep amid talk of China alliance.
13. Don’t ignore Russia! ‘Star’ of Trump impeachment hearings Fiona Hill warns Biden about repeating Obama’s mistakes –
14. New York Times: Biden to Face a Confrontational Russia in a World Changed From His Time in Office. The president-elect will have to assure American national security in ways that will require pushing back on the Kremlin at times and, at others, seeking Russian cooperation.
15. Carnegie Moscow Center: Artyom Shraibman, Why Belarusians Are Turning Against Russia. Russia’s association with Lukashenko’s crackdown may persuade Belarusians that it is impossible to be a pro-Russian democrat: that one can only be one or the other. Support for authoritarianism is going out of fashion in Belarus; pro-Russianness may, too.
16. Kyiv Post: Books in Russian remain bestsellers as Ukrainian publishers struggle to survive.
17. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Bellingcat investigation links Russia’s FSB to Navalny’s alleged poisoning.
18. A deadly cocktail: Spies, cell phone records and the poisoned Negroni behind Bellingcat’s Navalny ‘expose’ –
19. Kit Klarenberg, Bellingcat reacts badly to scrutiny, but possible ties to Western intelligence should be discussed when considering its work –
20. Meeting of Council for Civil Society and Human Rights. (including comments by members) –

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