NEWSLINK: Deadly Hobby of Dog Hunting Gains Popularity

File Photo of Dog at Animal Shelter Jumping Up on Person in Winter Clothing, With Beseeching Look

Deadly Hobby of Dog Hunting Gains Popularity – Moscow Times/AP – September 24, 2012 –

The Moscow Times features an AP story about Moscow dog-killers, with reports of at least 70 dead dogs in a week prompting police action.  Psychopaths who poison dogs apparently are using the internet and social networking to share information about the killings and their methods.  Parks, including areas to run dogs, reportedly are now dangerous with pieces of food left laced with poison.

Reportedly only nine cases against dog hunters in Moscow have gone to court since 2011, with just one conviction.

Some dog-killers claim to be doing a public-service, as the population of stray dogs is now an estimated 25,000 in Moscow.

But pets are being killed.

A Vkontakte social media group in opposition to dog-killers has nearly 4,000 members.

And a number of Russians actually take in strays or shelter animals, to save them and provide a home.

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