JRL Table of Contents :: Johnson’s Russia List 2012-#185 – 19 October 2012

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Johnson’s Russia List
19 October 2012
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In this issue


1. Financial Times: Kremlin tightens the screws.
2. Christian Science Monitor: Vladimir Putin joins pajama workforce, decides to work from home.
3. Interfax: Two-thirds of Respondents Tell Pollsters in Russia They Are Happy With Orthodox Patrols Idea.
4. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. The campaign of the struggle against smoking is rolling up in Russia.
5. Izvestia: Novaya Gazeta Owner Sells House to Save Newspaper.
6. Moscow Times/BBC Monitoring: What the Papers Say, Oct. 19, 2012.
7. Financial Times: Politics: A ratings game with just one player.
8. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. Vladimir Putin discussed the future of the All-Russia People’s Front with its leadership.
9. Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Experts Point to Election Campaign Degradation.
10. Kommersant: TO DEPOLITICIZE THE ELECTION COMMISSIONS, TO PROLONG COLLECTION FO SIGNATURES, NOT TO DEPRIVE CANDIDATES OF REGISTRATION. All participants of the elections of October 14 regardless of their level had claims against the election law and proposals for its correction. Only One Russia says that there is no need to change the rules of the game until the next elections in September of 2013.
11. BBC Monitoring: Russian pundit notes close involvement of Kremlin in local elections. (Konstantin Remchukov)
12. Reuters: Putin’s foes search for leaders in online Russia vote.
13. Moscow Times: Amid Crackdown, Opposition Debates to Determine Leadership.
14. RIA Novosti: Only Russian Communists Ready To Work With Opposition’s New Council.
15. The Economist: Russia’s opposition. Not a good week. Lost elections and another arrest give the opposition more problems.
16. Moscow Times: Opposition Governor Questioned in Moscow. (Nikita Belykh)
17. Interfax: Russian opposition member Udaltsov vows to broaden agenda of weekend rallies.
18. BBC Monitoring: Russian opposition activist accuses authorities of seeking ‘revenge’
19. Osobaya Bukva: Russian Politicians Comment on Sergey Udaltsov Arrest, Apartment Search.
20. Sean’s Russia Blog: Sean Guillory, Udaltsov’s October.
21. Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Moscow Daily Says MVD Reform Could Cause Authorities Loss of ‘People’s Trust’
22. BBC Montiroing: Russian president sympathetic to TV commentator’s ‘imperialist’ outlook.
23. Interfax: Religious Feelings Should Be Respected, But Russia Is a Secular State – Putin.
24. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: New Nationalities Strategy Paper Offends Russian Nationalists.
25. Moscow Times: Public TV Chief Promises Unbiased Coverage.
26. Moscow Times: Michael Bohm, Putin’s Pride Has No Price Tag.
27. Financial Times: Economy: Little scope to spend way out of trouble.
28. Valdai Discussion Club: Jacques Sapir, Main competitive advantages of Russia.
29. Moscow Times: Ben Aris, Russia May Upset Experts’ Consumer Growth Predictions.
30. www.russiatoday.com: Russia targets $19.4bln revenue from privatization in 2012.
31. Bloomberg: Rosneft to Replace Gazprom as Energy Driver on TNK Deal.
32. Financial Times editorial: Russia could lose from Rosneft bid.
33. New York Times: The E.U. Goes After Gazprom.
34. Reuters: Analysis: U.S. manufacturers turn to Russia, with love.
35. Interfax: Environmentalists Recommend Russia to Stay in Kyoto Protocol.


36. www.russiatoday.com: California dreaming? Putin pushes peace on Fort Ross anniversary.
37. BBC Monitoring: Russian TV station attacks Medvedev over his role in Libya conflict.
38. Interfax: U.S. Tends to Put Pressure on Russia – Poll.
39. Interfax: Russians oppose engagement in possible U.S.-Iran armed confrontation – poll.
40. RIA Novosti: West Not Cooperating With Russia On Conventional Arms Control – Deputy Minister.
41. Los Angeles Times: Steven Pifer and Michael O’Hanlon, Arms control should be high on president’s agenda. Whoever is president next year will have a chance to use arms control to make the world safer.
42. Voice of America: James Brooke, After 20 Years of US Aid, Russia Goes Solo on Controlling Loose Nukes.
43. Moscow Times: Radio Liberty’s Fate Unclear.
44. Kommersant: Russian Foreign Ministry Official Interviewed on Policy in Central Asian States.
45. Interfax: Ivanishvili: Georgia’s Accession to NATO Needs Speeding Up.