JRL NEWSWATCH: “The Outcome of the War in Ukraine Depends on China and India” – The Nation

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“Whether Americans like it or not, this country will have little choice but to begin planning for an emerging world order.”

“… Amid the seemingly never-ending catastrophe of the war in Ukraine, it’s become increasingly evident that China and India are likely to shape its final resolution. Russia can’t keep fighting without … [their] support … thanks to their refusal to abide by harsh Western sanctions, their continuing trade with Moscow, and their massive purchases of Russian fossil-fuel reserves [even if at discounted prices]. … [N]either of those countries wants the war to escalate or drag on … much longer, given the harm … to … global growth. For the Chinese, in particular, it’s been generating friction with crucial [European] trading partners …. [L]eaders of [China and India] are likely to put increasing pressure on both Moscow and Kyiv to seek a negotiated outcome …. File Photo of Joe Biden at Podium in Front of U.S. and State Department Flags, adapted from image at usembassy.gov[W]hile the war … has exposed the startling weakness of Russia’s previously vaunted military, it has also revealed … the limits of American power. … Biden was confident that most of the world would join … in isolating Moscow …. Moscow has largely succeeded in keeping itself afloat …. Thanks … go significantly to China and India …. No less significantly, Washington has largely failed to persuade most of the global South, including key rising powers like Brazil … and South Africa ….”

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