JRL NEWSWATCH: “Putin’s Regime is ‘Cracking’ as Elites Panic: Former U.S. Ambassador” – Newsweek

File Photo of Red Square, Kremlin, Environs, adapted from image at state.gov

“An argument on Russian state television is a ‘good sign’ that the country’s leadership is cracking, according to [] former U.S. [A]mbassador [McFaul]. Russia [reportedly] has threatened to nationalize assets of Western companies … pull[ing] resources from the country following its [Ukraine] invasion …. Hundreds of companies have already left Russia after expressing dissatisfaction with the war … [I]f the country continues to nationalize … resources, one pundit is concerned more economic damage will be done. They argued against nationalization … [on] Russian state television …. Russian state TV guests have increasingly expressed concern about the war, such as admitting Russia wasn’t prepared and accidentally revealing … on a hot mic … that Russia was using Iranian drones. …”

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