JRL NEWSWATCH: “Majority of Americans Now Consider Russia a Critical Threat” – Gallup/ Lydia Saad

Vladirmir Putin and Donald Trump Sitting in Chairs with Flags Behind, adapted from image at whitehouse.gov


  • Russia’s military power deemed critical threat by 52% in U.S.
  • Russia tops list of countries Americans’ deem chief U.S. enemy
  • Russia’s favorable rating drops to another post-Soviet Union low

Russia’s already negative image among Americans … worsened over the past year, with a majority for the first time saying that Russia’s military power poses a threat to U.S. vital interests and a third identifying Russia as the United States’ chief enemy. … Americans viewing Russia unfavorably edged up a point to 73%. Each … marks a record high …. Even before Russian state television … identified which U.S. military installations would be targeted should Russia launch nuclear strikes on the U.S., Americans had grown increasingly wary of Russia. This trend has continued under Trump, but it started during Barack Obama’s presidency. …”

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