JRL NEWSWATCH: “Drew Holden: Remember the Steele dossier? ….” – twitter post

U.S. Capitol in Bright Sunlight

(Drew Holden – @DrewHolden360 –  twitter post – July 22, 2020)

Drew Holden:

“Remember the Steele dossier?

… Now that its been thoroughly discredited, anyone care for a trip down memory lane about howFBI Headquarters Building file photo folks in the media hyped it up because it made Trump look bad? …”

[embedded live feed of twitter post should load below; click here for direct link: twitter.com/DrewHolden360/status/1285363642930798596; twitter post, in turn, includes link to wsj.com/articles/newly-declassified-documents-suggest-fbi-was-wary-by-early-2017-of-steele-dossier-11595174264]