Interfax: “Putin: ‘Crimeans voted for reunion with Russia. Done. Full stop'”

Vladimir Putin file photo with VOA logo; screen shot from video still

(Interfax – August 18, 2015)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declined to comment on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s reaction to the Russian leader’s trip to Crimea.

Speaking to journalists on Aug. 18, Putin stressed that the Crimeans have put a full stop on the issue of the peninsula’s future.

“No, I am not commenting on it, because the future of Crimea was decided by the people who live on this territory. They voted for a reunion with Russia. Done. Full stop,” Putin said, commenting on Poroshenko’s statement.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made a critical statement on the arrival of Putin in Crimea on Aug. 17.

“The arrival of Putin in Ukrainian Crimea without the authorization of the Ukrainian authorities is a challenge to the civilized world and part of the scenario to exacerbate the situation which is being implemented by the Russian military and their mercenaries in Donbas,” a statement posted on Poroshenko’s official account on Facebook on Aug. 17 says.

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