Interfax: Democracy is bigger lie than Communism – prominent Orthodox priest

Kremlin and St. Basil's

MOSCOW. Oct 24 (Interfax) – Protopope Dimitry Smirnov, the head of the patriarch’s commission on family and protection of mothers and children, believes that democracy is based on lies.

“It’s just a lie. Communist is also a lie, but Communism has religious features. Communism seems to take a lot from true religions. The Communists have their own teaching, their own “Holy Scripture.” They have their own rituals. They have their martyrs, their have their prophets. They have their heroes. I would say they have their messianic promises,” the priest told the radio station Radonezh.

As for democracy, “people have never had real power anywhere,” the priest said. “Democracy is simply deceit. Because all people are different and it cannot be that one person equals one vote,” the priest said.

The priest believes that all issues are resolved with money in a democratic state and “the transition from monarchy to capitalism was carried out by moneybags for their own benefit.” “In the olden days, if you were a duke you were a duke, regardless of whether you had money or not. Now I decide if you are a duke or not. And if I need to, I buy your daughter, marry her and become a duke too, I take that title. And if you want to become a president? No problem. You want to work in politics? That will cost this much,” Smirnov said.