Interfax: Armenia is not immune to ‘color revolution’ – Kosachyov

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MOSCOW. June 24 (Interfax) – Federation Council International Affairs Committee Chairman Konstantin Kosachyov has detected ‘color revolution’ symptoms in the latest events in Armenia.

“The situation is developing as a conflict of people displeased with the economic and social situation in Armenia,” Kosachyov told reporters on Wednesday.

“But one should not be mistaken: practically every ‘color revolution’ started with such events and eventually developed into political episodes. I think that Armenia is not immune to this scenario,” the parliamentarian said.

In his words, Russia has long been aware of the number of foreign non-governmental organizations working in Armenia. “There are hundreds of organizations, and most of them are trying one way or another to set public sentiments in Armenia against Russia and to incline civil society to the so-called pro-Western choice. This is another colossal mistake of those who are stirring such feelings, because this is another offer to choose between the West and the East, the North and the South, Russia and the EU made to a sovereign state, this time, Armenia,” Kosachyov said, adding that the choice was “absolutely artificial.”

“This kind of choice has ripped Ukraine into pieces and this rupture is ongoing. This can happen to any country, this is an unseemly and unfair political game, and it harms states and average people,” said Kosachyov, assuring reporters that Russia would not stay aside of the Armenian events.

“Although it is premature to draw any conclusions, we will monitoring this situation very carefully and will respond to the evolving events,” Kosachyov said.