ANNOUNCEMENT: “The Ansan Forum” New Online Journal

Map of Asia-Pacific Highlighting APEC Member States

From: “Gilbert F. Rozman” <grozman@Princeton.EDU>
Subject: a new online journal
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013

A new, online journal has been launched with substantial coverage of Russia in the context of international relations of the Asia-Pacific. To check it out, go to

In the first issue, there is a Special Forum, consisting of an Introduction and five articles under the heading, Cold War II? They include a piece by Stephen Blank with details on Sino-Russian relations. The Open Forum has five articles too, including one by Togo Kazuhiko on Japanese-Russian relations. Togo  also contributed on the same theme to Topics of the Month, to which an exchange of views has begun, including responses from Iwashita Akihiro and Konstantin Sarkisov. One can also find a review article on a new Russian textbook about Sino-Russian relations, edited by Alexander Lukin. Another feature of this journal is Country Reports, assessing articles published over the past two months in four countries, including Russia.

The first issue appeared in two parts on July 19 and August 2. The next Topics of the Month release is scheduled for August 23 with follow-up responses distributed on September 6. The first part of the second issue will be available on September 20. Contributions to the Open Forum, Special Commentaries, Review Articles, and Topics of the Month are welcome. There will be a sustained effort to make Russia a major part of the discussion, as in the next Special Forum, where an article on Russian strategic thinking toward the Korean Peninsula is planned.