RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#89 table of contents with links :: Johnson’s Russia List – Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#89 :: Tuesday 5 May 2015
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1. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, Once again, the West fails to understand Russia. Western leaders are staying away from this year’s Victory Day, which mourns the loss of 20 million Russians who died to defeat Nazi Germany.
2. Xinhua: News Analysis: Reasons behind Russia’s high-profile V-Day celebrations.
3. Sputnik: Europeans Underestimate Soviet Army’s Role in WWII Victory Over Nazism.
4. Fort Russ/Boulevard Voltaire: Putin “all by himself in Red Square” — with the leaders of half the planet.
5. Russia Insider: Danielle Ryan, Soviet History Can’t Be Erased With a Bulldozer. Soviet era structures and monuments scattered across Russia and Eastern Europe are a poignant reminder of a shared history – and there are plenty of people for whom they mean a lot.
6. Halyna Mokrushyna, The Pseudo-Historical Ukrainian Propaganda Over WWII. Whose Victory Will Ukrainians Celebrate on May 9?
7. Kenneth Rapoza, Simple Advice On Russia: When Everyone Is Fearful, Be Brave.
8. Glamour: Sarah Jio, The Life-Changing Lesson I Learned About Love in Russia.
9. Max Fisher, “America has a simple ideology”: how one of Russia’s top US experts tries to explain America. (Vladimir Lukin)
10. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, INSTITUTIONS RULE, BUT WHICH ONES?
11. MATTHEW VICKERYB and SHEREN KHALELMAY, In Eastern Ukraine, Doctors Are ‘Terrorists’ and Antibiotics Are Herbs. Donetsk’s medical system is crumbling and starved of even the most basic supplies. What will happen when the current cease-fire collapses?
12. The Irish Times: Geoffrey Roberts, Richard Sakwa: Portrait of crisis does not demonise Putin. Review: Account of Kiev’s conflict explores Russophobic misconception.
13. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, How the EU Association Agreement Makes Existing Ukraine-Russia Trade Links Impossible. Negotiations to preserve trade links between Ukraine and Russia are in deadlock because the EU and Ukraine reject all changes to an Association Agreement whose purpose is to make Ukraine an EU economic colony.
14. Rossiya 1 TV (Moscow): Russian TV accuses Kiev of misleading Ukrainian public about situation in east.
15. The Kremlin Stooge: Mark Chapman, How Much Of a Nobody Do You Have To Be, To Be Too Much Of a Nobody To Testify Before a Congressional Committee?
16. Clayton Browne, US Forcing Russia, China And Iran Into Eurasian Military Alliance.
17. Ray McGovern, The Lasting Pain from Vietnam Silence.
18. Washington Post editorial: After the fall of the Soviet Union, the U.S. tried to help Russians.
19. Inside Higher Education: Mark Lawrence Schrad, Endangered Species. Essay on difficulty of finding a job for an expert on Russia.
Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion