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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#163
Friday, 7 September 2018

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1. The Guardian (UK): Simon Jenkins, Britain’s reaction to the Salisbury poisonings plays into Putin’s hands. Secret agencies have their methods, unknown to their superiors, and no one’s hands are clean. The response to this attempted murder has been infantile.
2. Valdai Discussion Club: US-RUSSIA: HOW TO BREAK OUT OF THE VICIOUS CIRCLE? (Robert Legvold and Valery Garbuzov)
4. Russian International Affairs Council: Igor Ivanov, The “Russian Card” in the International Game.
5. Moscow Times: Russian Ministry Warns of Coming Environmental Apocolypse Fueled by Climate Change
6. Moscow Times: Anti-Semitism in Russia Falls Since USSR, Sociologists Say.
7. Meduza: Please love us again? United Russia and Putin ramp up efforts to win back voters with pension-reform amendments, ahead of September 9 regional elections.
8. AP: Russian Pension Reform Hits Vulnerable Age Group of Over-50s.
9. The Globalist: Michael Corbin, Russia’s Plan to Raise Stalin-Era Pension Ages Draws Opposition. Russians worry that they will not live to collect their pension due to the proposed age increase. But to what extent is this true?
10. Bear Market Brief: A look at what to expect in Sunday’s regional elections, and what the results mean. An Interview with Dr. Ben Noble.
11. Moscow Times: Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow’s High Priest of Urban Renewal, Is Biding His Time. How political cunning and a love for Western aesthetics has launched the mayor into Russia’s upper echelons.
12. Reuters: Russian Fury Over Pension Age Hike Clouds Moscow Mayoral Election.
13. Moscow Times: Georgy Bovt, Why Moscow’s Untouchable Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, Is Doomed to Be Re-Elected. Perhaps because the Kremlin has sidelined an opposition already incapacitated by infighting.
14. Bloomberg: In the Emerging Market Storm, Look to Russia.
15. TASS: Russia manages to return economy to growth despite sanctions and crises – PM Medvedev.
16. Moscow Times: Cost of Lending Should Fall in Russia, Medvedev Says.
17. Moscow Financial Forum. (Medvedev speech)
18. The Saker, Reply to Paul Craig Roberts’ crucial question. (excerpt)
19. Breakaway Abkhazia remains among top destinations for Russian tourists.
21. The Economist editorial: Why Russia and China’s joint military exercises should worry the West. They hold a mirror to Donald Trump’s undermining of America’s allies.
22. ‘Hope they come to their senses’: Tehran summit ends with call for Idlib terrorists to lay down arms. []
23. TASS: Putin hopes terrorists in Idlib will have wisdom to lay down arms.
24. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Will Assad’s Idlib offensive trigger a Russian-US standoff in Syria?
25. M.K. Bhadrakumar, India, Russia and the Post-American Century.
26. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Russian pundits view possibility of Ukraine attacking separatist regions.
27. Financial Times: Edward Luce, In search of today’s George Kennan. America is desperate for the kind of strategic nous the diplomat once personified.
28. Natylie’s Place: Natylie Baldwi, REVIEW OF “RETURN TO MOSCOW” BY TONY KEVIN (excerpt)
29. TASS: UN source points out inconsistencies in UK investigation of Skripal case.
30. The Blog Mire: Rob Slane, Petrov, Boshirov and the Missing 42 Minutes.[]
31. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Latest Non-News About the Skripals. []
32. Russian Embassy in Britain: Reply by the Embassy Press Officer to a question regarding alternative explanations of the Salisbury incident.
33. Keir Giles, Russia has made its choice and confirmed it’s a rogue state.
34. Pompeo Eyes Fox News Reporter to Head Counterpropaganda Office. The troubled agency is charged with responding to Russian influence operations.
35. Between Two Worlds The “Art” of an American Surviving in Small Town Russia. Hal Freeman, DOES BEING AN EXPAT MAKE ONE AN EXPERT?

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