RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-139 :: Monday, 30 July 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#139
Monday, 30 July 2018

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1. Facebook: Michael McFaul, Putin’s harassment of me.
2. Chris Weafer, Russia’s August angst.
3. The National Interest: Lyle Goldstein, How Dangerous Is Putin’s Russia? A sober look at the Russian threat is necessary.
4. Russian International Affairs Council: Alexei Fenenko, New Mobilization?
5. TASS: Russia’s electoral chief backs referendum on retirement age, notes wording is crucial.
6. Kenneth Rapoza, Russian Commies Try Staging A Comeback.
7. Bear Market Brief: Alex Nice, Pension Reform.
8. Russian opposition leaders launch campaign for two-party parliamentary system.
9. The National Interest: Paul Saunders, U.S.-Russia Summitry Is at Center Stage Again. If the Kremlin wants a less hostile United States, then its leaders may do well to spend considerably more time assessing the predictable consequences of Russia’s actions.
10. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Russian daily views US, West elites ‘angry reacton’ to Helsinki summit. (Sergei Karaganov)
11. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Daily looks at Trump’s attitude towards Putin, Russia. (Leonid Radzikhovskiy)
12. The National Interest: Ted Galen Carpenter, Russia Is Not the Soviet Union. Today’s Russia is weak and not an existential threat. The messianic, superpower of the USSR was.
13. The Nation: Nadezhda Azhgikhina, Russia’s ‘Beloved’ President. The Russian political class has come to love Trump wholeheartedly, and are happy to share this love with the whole country.
14. Wall Street Journal: Russia Plans Oil Boost Amid Supply Uncertainties, Pressure From Trump. The move could signal the ‘slow death’ of a deal between OPEC and other major producers, officials say.
15. Y!2B (Yes-to-Business): Paul Goncharoff, UK’s Guardian still unenlightened about Russia. [Text with links]
16. Indian Punchline: M K Bhadrakumar, US-Russia-China triangle in flux, again.
17. The Blog Mire: Rob Slane, The Salisbury Poisonings: 10 Questions for the Authorities to Answer About Their Handling of This Case.
18. Daily Shocker: Pesky Questions About Dawn Sturgess And That Deadly Novichok.
19. Bruce Bialosky, Russian Phobia Hides Our Biggest Adversary – China.
20. The New Yorker: Andy Horowitz, Trump Family Flees to Moscow.
22. Washington Post: Anne Applebaum, Maria Butina is just the tip of the Russia iceberg.
23. Off Guardian: Tony Kevin, America’s latest witch-hunt.
24. Wall Street Journal: Kimberley Strassel, Devin Nunes, Washington’s Public Enemy No. 1. What did the FBI do in the 2016 campaign? The head of the House inquiry on what he has found-and questions still unanswered.
25. AP: Russia to play minor role, if any, in Paul Manafort trial.
26. Washington Post editorial: No, it wasn’t some hacker on a bed someplace. The Russia case opens a window on state-driven cyberconflict.
27. News conference following BRICS summit.
28. A millennium of Christianity: What makes Russian Orthodoxy unique?
[Text with photos]
29. 1030th anniversary of Baptism of Rus celebrations.
30. Russian Orthodox Church a ‘national security threat’ to Ukraine, says president.
31. Awful Avalanche: Moscow Celebrates Baptism, Rejects Autocephaly – Part I.
[Part II:]
[Part III:]
32. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, Maidan shootings.
33. Sergei Khrushchev, Crimea: whose land is this?
34. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, REPORT, Part 1: What Is Post-Sovietness (Or Kakaya raznitsa in Post-Sovietistan)? (excerpt) [Full text:]
35. Russia Insider: Alex Krainer, Russia’s 1990s: The Transition Which Took 5 Million Lives. [Text with links:]
36. Gilbert Doctorow, FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018: an appreciation. []
37. Moscow Times: Amazon Getting Ready to Launch “The Romanoffs”

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