RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-123 :: Friday, 6 July 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#123 :: Friday, 6 July 2018
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1. Russia Beyond: Will America’s new nuclear bomb lead to an arms race?
2. Washington Post: Frank A. Guridy and Tinatin Japaridze, The real World Cup losers: The Russian people.
3. Los Angeles Times: Kevin Baxter, Russia’s performance in World Cup – and the country’s history – are raising doping suspicions. 
4. Reuters: Putin Says World Cup Has Broken Stereotypes About Russia.
5. Reuters: On Train to Sochi, Russia Fans Eye Semi-Final Spot.
6. Bryan MacDonald, Too white to win? Russia boasts one of World Cup’s most ethnically diverse squads. []
7. The Guardian (UK): Simon Jenkins, If the novichok was planted by Russia, where’s the evidence? No one has a clue about the Wiltshire poisonings – though the most obvious motive is someone out to embarrass Vladimir Putin.
8. The Blog Mire: Rob Slane, Debunking the First Piece of Nonsense in Skripal 2.0. [Links and comments:]
9. Craig Murray, The Amesbury Mystery.
11. Deutsche Welle: A better life prevails over political protests for Russia’s young people. Young Russians turn to social networks to get their news and tend to have conservative views, according to a study by the Centre for East European and International Studies.
12. TASS: Extremism or expression: Kremlin backs caution in pursuing penalties for Internet reposts.
13. Reuters: Russian Authorities Prepare to Soften Pension Reform – Sources.
15. AFP: Putin sees ‘positive trends’ in Russian economy.
16. Russia slaps retaliatory duties on US imports.
17. TASS: Putin highlights freedom and risk awareness as key to nurturing digital development.
18. Some countries’ selfishness harm global cyber stability – Putin.
19. The Economist: The threat within. The Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki. A new low in the politicisation of foreign policy.
20. TASS: Kremlin refutes reports that pro-Iranian pullout from Syria will top Putin-Trump talks.
21. Bloomberg: Putin Is Preparing a Deal Trump Can Tout After Summit.
22. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrei Tsygankov, TRUMP’S GOALS IN HELSINKI.
23. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Looking Back to Singapore on the Road to Helsinki. []
24. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Trump-Putin Summit.
25. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 5 JULY 2018. [Text with links:]
26. Asia Times: Pepe Escobar, Eagle-meets-Bear and the Syria tug-of-war. Trump and Putin are likely to discuss the tricky situation in southern Syria when they meet; while the US president says he wants US forces back home, the CIA, Pentagon and Israel may be happier to see them stay so the war-torn state remains unstable
27. UNIAN (Kyiv): Savchenko kept in individual cell, has ceased hunger strike.
28. Russia Matters: Huseyn Aliyev, Ukraine’s ‘Creeping Advances’: A Win-Win Tactic? For more than two years Ukraine has been quietly “de-occupying” a grey zone between its troops and Russian-backed separatists. No matter how Russia and the West respond, Ukraine’s leadership stands to benefit.
29. Daniel Lazare, Corporate Media’s About-Face on Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis. U.S. corporate media spent years dismissing the role of neo-Nazis in Ukraine’s 2014 coup but it is suddenly going through a conversion. [Text with links:]
30. Wall Street Journal: Kimberley Strassel, Will the FBI Come Clean? Lawmakers demand the truth about the origin of the 2016 Trump investigation.
31. Financial Times: Simon Kuper, Why the World Cup is bigger than Putin. ‘I can write about the genius of French forward Kylian Mbappé, knowing the FT is also covering Russian elite corruption’
32. Washington Post: Dennis Ross, We already gave Syria to Putin, so what’s left for Trump to say?
33. New York Times Book Review: Daniel Beer, Does Vladimir Putin Speak for the Russian People?. (re FROM COLD WAR TO HOT PEACE An American Ambassador in Putin’s Russia By Michael McFaul)

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