RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-204 :: Friday, 27 October 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#204
Friday, 27 October 2017

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1. Bryan MacDonald: Assessing RT.
2. Twitter: Michael McFaul, “I applaud @Twitter for making this decision.”
3. Twitter’s multi-million dollar US election pitch to RT revealed in FULL.
4. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Sergei Karaganov, A Cold War: A Forecast for Tomorrow.
5. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, If Putin celebrates the centenary of the Russian Revolution, it could be seen as validating the idea of state overthrow. A hundred years after Lenin seized power in Russia, others may celebrate successful insurrection, but the Kremlin is in no mood for revolution.
6. Moscow Times: Majority of Russians Ready to Hand Putin Fourth Term.
7. The Economist editorial: Russia under Vladimir Putin. A tsar is born. As the world marks the centenary of the October Revolution, Russia is once again under the rule of the tsar.
9. Bear Market Brief: Levada poll finds Sobchak with little momentum.
10. Moscow Times: Evan Gershkovich, Ksenia Sobchak, Russia’s Star Presidential Candidate, Will Be Heard. Loud and divisive, Ksenia Sobchak knows how to put on a show.
11. Paul Goble: Greatest Threat to Russians Now Comes from Zombified Lumpen Putin Regime has Created and Supported, Babchenko Says.
12. Reuters: Russia’s economic recovery not enough for higher rating: Moody’s.
13. Kenneth Rapoza, Russia’s Incredibly Shrinking Banking Sector.
14. Russia’s legendary Trans-Siberian Railway to get multibillion-dollar makeover.
15. Russia Beyond: Arseny Kalashnikoff, New York versus Moscow: Is life in Russia’s capital better or worse?
16. Miranda Lupion, If you build it, will they come? Unpacking Russia’s goals for the 2018 World Cup.
If you build it, will they come? Unpacking Russia’s goals for the 2018 World Cup
17. Tillerson: Assad Can Have No Role in Syria’s Future. Says World Must Unify Behind Demand for Regime Change.
18. Russia International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Why Do Russians and Americans Fail to Fix Syria Together?
19. Russia to develop business links with US firms despite sanctions – Trade Minister.
20. Defense and security firms named in US’s latest Russia sanctions list.
21. Wall Street Journal: Administration Begins to Implement Russia Sanctions Under New U.S. Law. Those doing business with Russian intelligence, weapons and aircraft firms face penalties.
22. The National Interest: Dave Majumdar, Why the U.S. Intelligence Community Fears Russia’s Growing Military Might.
24. Kyiv Post editorial: Bombed out.
25. The Unz Review: The Saker, The Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis. A Dynamic Analysis of Ukraine Politics.
26. The Hill: Merrill Matthews, Democrats dig for Russian connection and uncover environmentalists.
27. Robert Parry, Russia-gate Breeds ‘Establishment McCarthyism.’ As Russia-gate gives cover for an Establishment attack on Internet freedom and independent news, traditional defenders of a free press and civil liberties are joining the assault or staying on the sidelines.
28. Moon of Alabama: British Involvement In “Trump Dossier” Needs Further Investigation.
29. Bryan MacDonald, Why the ‘Steele Dossier’ on Trump-Russia collusion is a total nothingburger.
31. New York Post: Paul Sperry, How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia.
32. Wall Street Journal: Kimberly Strassel, The Coming Russia Bombshells. A judge may order Fusion GPS to give House investigators its bank records.
33. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Why Clinton Camp’s Funding of the Trump Dossier Matters.
34. ABC News (Australia): Bobo Lo, Despite the conspiracies, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are going backwards fast.
35. PBS Frontline: Putin’s Revenge. THE PUTIN FILES. Michael McFaul (excerpt from interview)

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