RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-152 :: Monday, 7 August 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#152
Monday, 7 August 2017

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1. Gilbert Doctorow, The NYT’s Grim Depiction of Russian Life.
2. Boston Globe: Stephen Kinzer, Moscow is our friend. Honest.
3. Trip to Tyva, August 1-3. (with video)
5. Moscow Times: Kremlin Plans Rapid Healthcare Reform in Time for Presidential Election.
6. Liberal Democrats urge transition to bipartisan political system.
7. Putin system seen distancing itself from its “guardians.” (Tatyana Stanovaya)
8. Ben Aris, Russian stocks go ex-dividend but remain investor favourites.
9. Lavrov details Russia’s response to US sanctions in meeting with Tillerson.
10. Reuters: Factbox: What Do the New U.S. Sanctions on Russia Target?
11. The National Interest: Maxim Suchkov, What the Sanctions Really Mean for Russia. Russia and the United States are now in a situation where confrontation can twist in ways that are difficult-and possibly impossible-to forecast.
12. Sanctions reload ushers in the ‘new normal’ for Russia.
13. Russia to reduce reliance on US dollar & payment systems in response to sanctions.
14. Russia Beyond the Headlines: 3 years of embargo in Russia: The winners and losers. Sanctions may have a negative connotation, but the bans imposed on Russia have actually forced the country to become more self-sufficient.
15. Moscow Times: Elisabeth Braw and Nabi Abdullaev, Why New U.S. Sanctions Could Be a Ticking Time Bomb for Investors in Russia.
16. Kenneth Rapoza, Why The U.S. Has Replaced Some European Countries As Russia’s Top Trading Partner.
18. Alexander Mercouris, Mueller Russiagate inquiry going nowhere, investigators ‘taking out private insurance’ against risk of lawsuits. CNN article reveals Russiagate inquiry officials becoming increasingly demoralised and taking out private insurance against future legal action as its investigations draw a blank.
19. Washington Post: Amber Phillips, ‘Fake news’? The Russia investigation is getting very, very real.
20. The Guardian (UK): Mary Dejevsky, The UN vote against North Korea shows the system working – for once. The fact that Russia and China voted with the US to pass security council resolution 2371 offers a rare glimmer of hope.
21. BBC Monitoring: UN NKorea debate: Russian envoy warns against “military adventures”
22. Bryan MacDonald, Western media coverage of Russia gives journalism a bad name.
23. Jeffrey Carr, Who To Follow On All Things Russia.
24. Washington Post:What it’s like to live and report in Russia in the Trump era. (Reddit discussion with David Filipov, Andrew Roth, and Peter Finn)
25. Wall Street Journal: Andrew Weiss and Eugene Rumor, Vladimir Putin’s Russia Goes Global. From Libya to the Balkans to South Africa, the Kremlin is working to hollow out the U.S.-led international order.
26. Facebook: Comments by Michael Kofman and others on Andrew S. Weiss and Eugene Rumer, Vladimir Putin’s Russia Goes Global.
27. Modern Diplomacy: J. Asatiani, Russia and Global Forecasting: Getting Past Melodrama Diplomacy.
28. Alexander Mercouris, Stalin being rehabilitated in Russia? Where did Natalie Nougayrède get that idea from? Contrary to a claim in a Guardian article there is NO campaign to ‘rehabilitate’ Stalin in Russia.
29. New York Times: Fred Strebeigh, Lenin’s Eco-Warriors.
30. The National Interest: Ted Galen Carpenter, America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy.
31. National Pubic Radio (NPR): In Eastern Ukraine, A Struggle For Survival In The Crossfire Of A Little-Seen War.
32. Fort Russ: Ukrainian journalist union reports 40 cases of assaults on journalists in first half of 2017.
33. Awful Avalanche: And Still Another Ukrainian Hero: Alexander Semchenko – Part I.
And Still Another Ukrainian Hero: Alexander Semchenko – Part I
34. Sputnik: German FDP Leader: Crimea’s Russian Reunification Must be Considered ‘Permanent’
35. Stateless Saakashvili resurfaces in Poland, Georgia petitions Warsaw for extradition.
36. Back to 2008: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin interviewed by the German ARD TV channel. (re war with Saakashvili)

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Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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