NEWSLINK: Medvedev discusses corruption, tighter legislation, Opposition with TV journalists

Dmitry Medvedev file photo

[Medvedev discusses corruption, tighter legislation, Opposition with TV journalists – Itar-Tass – Lyudmila Alexandrova – Dec. 7 – http://www.itar-tass.com/en/c39/592431.html]

Itar-Tass covers a recent interview by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with Russian television networks:

One of the first most acute questions was about the high-profile scandals and the potential involvement in them of some very high-ranking officials, including the former defense minister, Anatoly Serdyukov and former agriculture minister, Yelena Skrynnik. A woman journalist asked Medvedev why Anatoly Serdyukov has not yet been sent to jail in the context of the massive media campaign against him underway on all federal TV channels.

“The presumption of innocence is still there,” Medvedev replied. He said that the former defense minister’s involvement was to be scrupulously analyzed and presented in court. Until then Serdyukov and Skrynnik shall be unconditionally regarded as innocent.

About Serdyukov’s performance in the Defense Ministry Medvedev said that it was “rather effective.”

Click here for full article: http://www.itar-tass.com/en/c39/592431.html

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