Average salary in Putin’s administration up by two-thirds this year

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(Interfax – Moscow, November 27, 2013) The average [monthly] salary of civilian employees in federal state bodies in January-September was R81,600 [just under 2,500 dollars at the current rate of exchange], which was 34.7 per cent up on the same period in 2012, a Rosstat [Federal State Statistics Service] press release says.

The administration of the Russian president remains the leader in terms of salaries in January-September 2013. On average, its staff received R190,100 a month (67.7 per cent up on the same period last year).

In the government staff, the average salary was R184,800 (up 72.6 per cent).

The leader among ministries in terms of salaries was the Ministry for the Development of the Far East with R133,400 a month (128 per cent up on the same period in 2012). The Emergencies Ministry came next, with an average salary of R105,800 (up 13.2 per cent).

The lowest average salary among all the ministries and agencies in January-September was recorded in the State Courier Communications Service (R38,100), Roskosmos [Federal Space Agency] (R42,100) and Rosimushchestvo [Federal Agency for the Management of State Property] (R42,200).

The average monthly salary of civilian employees in the Federation Council in January-September 2013 was R96,500 (up 36.2 per cent), and in the State Duma, R84,300 (up 36.1 per cent).

Among federal judicial and prosecution bodies, the average monthly salary of civilian employees in the Constitutional Court was R110,400 (up 53.5 per cent), R92,000 (up 53.2 per cent) in the Supreme Court, R66,500 (up 30.6 per cent) in the Higher Court of Arbitration, 67,100 (up 64.1 per cent) in the Prosecutor-General’s Office, and R52,000 (down 6.2 per cent) in the Russian Investigations Committee.

[Russian state news agency RIA Novosti gave some more figures, reporting that the Comptroller’s Office had the third highest average salary of R105,000 (up 16.5 per cent). Apart from the Investigations Committee, average salaries were only down in the Federal Accreditation Service (down 35.5 per cent to R47,600), the Finance Ministry (down 5.3 per cent to R81,300) and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (down 3.5 per cent to R53,600).

RIA Novosti also quoted the Rosstat press release as saying the number of federal civilian employees was down to 38,200 as of late September 2013; they accounted for 79.6 per cent of all employees of federal bodies, with 82.6 per cent of all posts filled.