RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#190 table of contents with links :: Friday 29 August 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#190 :: Friday 29 August 2014

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1. Business New Europe: Ukraine on the verge of financial collapse.
2. Business New Europe: Mark Adomanis, Ukraine’s finances are at breaking point.
3. RFE/RL: Fighting On The Streets Of Donetsk. (photos)
4. Photo Essay: What Remains of Donetsk.
5. RIA Novosti: UN Report Claims Nearly 2,220 Dead, 6,000 Injured in Ukraine Crisis Since Mid-April.
6. Moscow Times: Russia Say West Doesn’t Understand Its ‘Close Relations’ With Ukraine.
7. Reuters: Separatists say will allow ‘trapped’ Ukrainian forces to withdraw.
8. President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed Novorossiya militia.
9. Seliger 2014 National Youth Forum.
10. RIA Novosti: Moscow to Push for Dialogue on Ukraine Crisis – Russian Foreign Ministry.
11. ITAR-TASS: Russia not to be drawn into large-scale conflicts – Putin.
12. Interfax: Poroshenko says strayed Russian paratroopers to be repatriated – Putin.
13. Wall Street Journal: Putin Lashes Out at Ukraine Over Failure of Talks. Comments Come as Ukraine Says It Wants to Join NATO.
14. Putin: Kiev’s shelling in E. Ukraine reminiscent of Nazi actions during WWII.
15. Interfax: Ukraine Foreign Ministry tentatively agrees to Russia’s next aid convoy – Lavrov.
16. ITAR-TASS: Militia in southeast Ukraine needs no Russian military aid – commander.
17. Kyiv Post: Western Ukrainian fighters leave war, cite poor support.
18. Ukraine president blames military failure on deserting commanders.
19. Russia: Other Points of View: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP.
20. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, As Ukraine fighting surges, so too do Russian, Ukrainian doubts about the war. Russian casualties in Ukraine could lower support for the war in Russia, where the public supports the rebels, but has no interest in getting directly involved.
21. Russia’s Defense Ministry ridicules NATO’s photo-proof of invasion in Ukraine.
22. Business New Europe: Graham Stack, Russian and rebel forces seen free to advance from border to Ukraine port of Mariupol.
23. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Press Digest: Militias seize Novoazovsk; burials of Pskov soldiers queried.
24. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Petr Likhomanov, Maydan: To hell in a handcart with tires; who rules Ukraine today.
25. Reuters: On Russian troops in Ukraine, honesty is not everyone’s best policy.
26. Russia Direct: Dmitry Polikanov, Ukraine, the country that cries wolf? The ongoing controversy about the direct involvement of the Russian army in any hostilities in Ukraine – usually framed in the context of “aggression” and “invasion” – is alarming. It only aggravates the crisis and destroys any fragile hopes for peace.
27. RIA Novosti: ‘Fact-Hiding’ Distinctive Western Behavior in Regard to Events in Ukraine – Lavrov.
28. Reuters: Russia says open to gas talks with Ukraine, offers discount.
29. Moscow Times: Russia Wants Say in EU-Ukraine Association Deal.
30. Wall Street Journal: Ruble Plumbs New Depth as Ukraine Tensions Rise.
31. Wall Street Journal: So Far, NATO and U.S. Avoid ‘Invasion’ Talk.
32. RIA Novosti: More Than Half of Americans Fear Tensions With Russia – Survey.
33. Moscow Times: Nicklas Norling, Kazakhstan’s Model Is the Best Bet for Ukraine.
34. PBS Newshour: What’s driving Russia to raise the stakes in Ukraine? (with Andrew Kramer, Andrew Weiss, and Andrei Tsygankov)
35. Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: Ukraine and the New Divide between the United States and Russia. (interview with Dmitri Trenin)
36. Moscow Times: New Book Tells How Russia Took Crimea So Easily.
37. Russian Military Reform Blog: Dmitry Gorenburg, Russia’s Stealth Invasion of Ukraine.
38. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Moscow Military Review Lists Seven ‘Probable’ Targets in ‘Novorossiya’
39. The Ukraine List : Dominique Arel, There Is A Word For This
40. Steven Pifer, How to Stop Putin’s War in Ukraine.
41. Twitter: Anne Applebaum, USSR paid for “anti war” campaigns in the past. Is Putin paying for them now?
42. New York Times editorial: Mr. Putin Tests the West in Ukraine.
43. Wall Street Journal editorial: Putin Marches Ahead. He plays Merkel and Obama for naifs as he grabs more of Ukraine.
44. The Economist editorial: NATO’s summit. Mr Putin’s wake-up call. The Western alliance is responding better to Russian aggression in Ukraine. But there is more to do.
45. Washington Post editorial: The West must make Mr. Putin pay for his aggression.
46. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s speech and answers to questions during International Youth Forum Seliger on 27 August 2014.
47. Interfax: Putin’s electoral support reaches 71% by late August – Public Opinion Foundation.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion