Unemployment ranges from 1.5% in Moscow to 27.2% in Ingushetia – Rosstat

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MOSCOW. June 23 (Interfax) – Russian unemployment in May continued to vary widely by federal district, when the highest rate 3.4 times greater than the lowest, and by region, where the highest was 18 times greater than the lowest, Rosstat reported.

Unemployment declined to 5.2% in May from 5.3% in April, 5.4% in March and 5.6% in February and January. The unemployment rate was 5.3% in December 2016, 5.4% in November and October and 5.2% in September.

As usual, the lowest rate in accordance with ILO standards was 3.2% in the Central FD (compared with 3.7% in May 2016) and the highest, also as usual, was in the North Caucasus FD – 11.3% (11.2%).

In the other federal districts, May unemployment was 4.2% in the North-West FD (4.8% in May 2016), 4.8% in the Volga FD (4.9%), 5.5% in Ural FD (5.9%), 6.0% in Far East FD (6.6%), 6.1% in the Southern FD (6.3%) and 7.0% in the Siberian FD (8.1%).

Among the regions, the highest unemployment in the March-May period was 27.2% in Ingushetia, 16.9% in Tuva, 14.9% in Karachevo-Cherkessia, 14.1% in Chechnya, 13% in Altai, 12.7% in North Ossetia, 12.6% in Dagestan, 10.7% in Trans-Baikal territory and 10.6% in Kabardino-Balkaria.

The lowest unemployment was 1.5% in Moscow, 1.6% in St. Petersburg, 3.2% in Khanty-Mansii autonomous district and 3.5% in Moscow region.

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