RUSSIALINK: “Navalny Sets Out 15-Point Plan for Russia’s Postwar Development” – Moscow Times

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(Moscow Times – Feb. 20, 2023)

Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny published a 15-point plan outlining his view of Russia’s future in the postwar era on Monday, predicting Russia’s “military defeat” and outlining his plans to transform Russia into a parliamentary republic.

Entitled “15 theses of a Russian citizen who desires the best for their country,” Navalny’s Twitter thread was posted four days before the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Navalny called “unjust.” []

“The combination of aggressive warfare, corruption, inept generals, weak economy, and heroism and high motivation of the defending forces can only result in defeat,” Navalny tweeted.

Navalny said that the borders of both Ukraine and Russia had been “internationally recognized and defined in 1991,” adding that there was “nothing to discuss here,” despite the fact that he and his team have remained ambiguous about their position on the return of annexed Crimea to Ukraine.

“Russia is big enough as it is. Our objective should be preserving our people and developing what we have in abundance,” Navalny wrote.

Arguing for the dismantling of “the Putin regime” and establishing “a parliamentary republic based on the alternation of power,” Navalny’s other proposals included partially using Russia’s vast hydrocarbon revenues to fund reparations for Ukraine, while also reaffirming his position that Russia “must be part of Europe and follow the European path of development.”

Navalny authored the thread from the prison cell where he is currently serving a nine-year sentence for fraud in a case that critics have dismissed as politically motivated. He is currently facing fresh charges of terrorism that could result in him being sentenced to 30 more years of jail time.

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