RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2019-#45 :: Tuesday, 19 March 2019

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2019-#45 :: Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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1. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Of Rogues and Peers: Sine Ira et Studio. (re RAND study) –
2. TASS: Putin recalls what he bore in mind when making decision on Crimea’s return to Russia.
3. TASS: Crimea will forever remain part of Russia, threats are pointless, says Russian premier.
4. Putin launches 2 new power stations in Crimea on anniversary of reunification with Russia.
5. “We Are Together at Last!” Putin Addresses Crimeans and Welcomes Them Back Home! –
6. Vedomosti: Polls show Russians’ ‘euphoria’ over Crimea declines.
7. Kennan Institute: Maxim Trudolyubov, Russia’s Missed Opportunity: Five Years Since Crimea’s Annexation.
8. The 100th anniversary of Andrei Sakharov’s birth.
9. Russia Insider: Great Russian Documentary on Life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Video) –
10. Interfax: Prosecutors must ensure proper prison conditions – Putin.
11. TASS: Putin highlights pressing need for efficient protection of entrepreneurs’ rights.
12. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrey Pertsev, Abandoning United Russia Is the Road to Nowhere for the Kremlin.
13. Russia Beyond: So, what do The Russians think of Trump? –
14. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: China relies on growing consumption, while Russia bets on national projects.
15. Reuters: Russia backs global use of its alternative SWIFT system.
16. PONARS Eurasia: Judyth Twigg, Russia’s Avoidable Epidemic of HIV/AIDS. (except)
17. The New Yorker: Masha Gessen, The Moscow News Site That “Provides Daily Therapy for Living in Russia”
n Russia”
18. Interfax: INF Treaty demise may spark multilateral arms race in several regions – Russian Foreign Ministry.
19. Riddle: Anton Barbashin, Waiting for Multipolarity. Russian foreign policy 5 years since Crimea.
20. The Barents Observer: «€143 billion investments needed on Northern Sea Route» Shipping on the Russian Arctic route could amount to 77 million tons by year 2024 if the right projects are implemented, a new government report says.
21. Sean’s Russia Blog: Transcript: The Soviet Origins of Lamaze. Interview with Paula Michaels on Soviet origins of the Lamaze birthing method.
22. TASS: Kommersant: Afghan conflict reaches Central Asia’s doorstep.
23. AP: Kazakhstan’s President Steps Down After 30 Years.
24. Interfax: Nazarbayev to retain position of Kazakh Security Council head, Nur Otan party leader.
25. TASS: Incumbent Ukrainian president leads disapproval ratings.
26. UNIAN (Kyiv): Poroshenko: Russian troops deployed along Ukraine border ready to invade.
27. Financial Times: Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko fights to keep presidential hopes alive. ‘Gas princess’ and former PM was face of popular uprising but lags behind in polls.
28. Atlantic Council: Stephen Blank, Bad Advice.
29. Poll: Half of Americans say Trump is victim of a ‘witch hunt’ as trust in Mueller erodes.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of CIS Central Asia and Environs

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