RUSSIA & UKRAINE: Johnson’s Russia List contents with links :: 2014-#70 :: Saturday, 29 March 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#70 :: 29 March 2014
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1. RIA Novosti: European Union Says Not Ready to Embrace Ukraine.
2. Interfax: Russia’s, West’s approaches toward settling Ukraine crisis converging – Lavrov.
3. Reuters: Russia has no intention of sending troops to Ukraine – Lavrov.
4. New York Times: Few Signs of War Plans in Russian Border Town.
5. The Telegraph (UK): Ukraine crisis: the border hunt for Vladimir Putin’s hidden army. As President Obama warns that Russian troops are ‘massing along border’, the Telegraph goes in search of Putin’s invisible army
6. West ignores results of int’l missions that found no troop build-up near Ukraine borders – Moscow.
7. Telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama.
8. The White House: Readout of the President’s Call with President Putin.
9. BBC News: Ukraine leader Turchynov warns of far-right threat.
10. Putin, Obama discuss political chaos in Ukraine.
11. ITAR-TASS: Andrei Sitov, Obama in Brussels on Ukraine, Russia, do’s, don’ts and specks in neighbor’s eye.
12. Voice of Russia: Only way for Ukraine to reach settlement is to sign federal agreement – Lavrov.
13. Russia Direct: Will Russia invade Eastern Ukraine? Reports continue to grow of an increase in Russian troops along the border with Ukraine. But how likely, really, is a military invasion of Ukraine? Russia Direct asked the experts.
14. Russia Direct: Michael Slobodchikoff, Dealing with Putin’s so-called war machine. Here is what Russia and the United States should do to minimize the potentially grave consequences of the Ukrainian crisis on world stability and U.S.-Russia relations.
15. ‘Against democratic principles’: EU’s Ashton denounces nationalists’ pressure on Ukraine parliament.
16. The National Interest: Andranik Migranyan, A Way Out of the Ukraine Crisis.
17. YaleGlobal Online: Thomas Graham, It’s Putin’s World. Russia seeks global stature – the West must deal with Putin’s world and support Ukraine.
18. Council on Foreign Relations: Is the West at a Breaking Point With Russia? (interview with John Beyrle, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia)
19. New Statesman: Angus Rosburgh, Russia’s revenge: why the west will never understand the Kremlin. The events in Ukraine are Putin’s payback for what he considers to be a quarter-century of humiliation since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
20. Russian Life: Paul Richardson, The Solution to Crimea Lies Through Finland.
21. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Pavel Podvig, What the Crimea crisis will do to US-Russia relations.
22. Pietro A. Shakarian, Why Ukraine is Not Czechoslovakia.
23. ITAR-TASS: Viktor Yanukovych delivers address to Ukrainian people.
24. Voice of Russia: Russians say their country should not officially recognize new Ukraine leaders – poll.
25. Reuters: Ukraine’s Klitschko pulls out of election, backs ‘Chocolate King’
26. ITAR-TASS: Churkin: elections in Ukraine amid lack of choice are fraught with country’s split.
27. Komsomolskaya Pravda: Sergey Markov, American Fantasies. (re Michael McFaul)
28. Rossiyskaya Gazeta : Vyacheslav Nikonov, Short wire: Don’t strain yourself. (re Michael McFaul)
30. Bloomberg: Ukraine’s Next Casualties Could Be Its Farmers.
31. Counterpunch: Jack Rasmus, Heading Toward a Greece-like Depression? Ukraine’s IMF Deal.
32. Pepe Escobar, ‘US desperate to isolate Russia on all fronts’
33. Vedomosti editorial: Alternative world. Russia is attempting to find foreign policy and to some extent, economic alternative to Europe and United States.
34. New York Times: Kremlin Finds a Defender in Congress. (Dana Rohrabacher)
35. Reuters: German executives criticize West for allowing Russia tension to rise.
36. New York Times: Potential Crackdown on Russia Risks Also Punishing Western Oil Companies.
37. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Has Putin Decided on a New Period of ‘Phony War’?
38. RIA Novosti: Obama Weak Foreign Policy President – Expert.
39. Kyiv Post editorial: Ukraine, West sleeping.
40. Gallup: In U.S., Record 68% View Russia as Unfriendly or an Enemy. Putin’s favorability dips below 10%; Ukraine perceived as friend.
41. Bryan MacDonald, I had to go to Ukraine to see it for myself. Here is what I saw. Feel free to read and comment.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion