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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#223 :: Tuesday, 16 November 2021
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1. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, How Putin Is Pushing Back Against the West. The various crises now springing up in Eastern Europe are meant as warnings against assumptions that Russia will simply accept whatever state of affairs the Western alliance decrees.
2. Moscow Times: What Did Russia Achieve at COP26?
3. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, After COP26: Russia’s Path to the Global Green Future. Russia is certainly now taking climate-related issues seriously, but even though a latecomer in embracing the climate change agenda, it will not simply accept the West’s or the EU’s lead. Rather, it will act in accordance with its national interests.
4. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Russia changes its tune on climate change. What’s behind the shift? Russia showed signs at COP26 that it is finally getting serious about the threat of climate change. But the Kremlin’s shift in thought may need to go further to prepare the country for the future.
5. Paul Robinson, As an ex-British Army officer, I can see the UK’s new mission to bring ‘freedom’ to Eastern Europe will end in disaster –
6. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, ANOTHER BOGUS RUSSIAN WAR SCARE –
7. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Paul Stronski, What Went Wrong With Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine Rollout? While Russian marketing touts the country’s Sputnik V vaccine as safe and effective, everything from supply chain and production issues to lingering safety concerns has complicated the vaccine’s rollout. What’s going on with Sputnik V?
8. New York Times: In Moscow’s Technological Advances, a ‘Double-Edged Sword’. The latest example is Face Pay, which replaces a Metro card with facial recognition. It may be advanced, but activists are sounding the alarm on privacy issues.
9. Moscow Times: Germany Suspends Nord Stream 2 Certification. Regulator says Gazprom-owned operator needs to establish German subsidiary before it can approve the pipeline.
10. The Unz Review: Philip Giraldi, CIA Director Burns Goes to Moscow. It’s easier to talk about repairing relationships than to actually do so. –
11. Consortium News: Patrick Lawrence, Shadow Wars. Talk of Washington going to war in behalf of either Taiwan or Ukraine is hard to match for cynicism. –
12. Financial Times: Russia denies anti-satellite missile test put astronauts at risk.Moscow maintains safety is its priority as Washington condemns ‘reckless and irresponsible behaviour’
13. Al Jazeera: Rights groups decry Poland’s ban on media at Belarus border. Poland denies journalists access to border with Belarus as thousands of people remain stranded amid a geopolitical row.
14. Facebook: Fred Weir, Refugees.
15. Intellinews: Mark Galeotti, The West’s response to Lukashenko’s migrant gambit might seal Belarus’ fate. Is what is happening on the Belarus-Poland border a hybrid war or a human tragedy? Clearly, it is both.
16. Putin comments on allegations of Russian involvement in Poland-Belarus border standoff –
17. Wall Street Journal: Belarus Migrant Crisis Exposes Tensions Within European Union. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call to Belarus dictator causes fear among East Europe nations about being sidelined in standoff with Russian ally.
18. Financial Times: Troop build-up shows Putin views Ukraine as ‘unfinished business’. Russia’s leader is worried Kyiv might try to retake Donbass region, say analysts.
19. Bloomberg: Russia Says Armenia-Azerbaijan Fighting Stopped After Talks.
20. New York Times: Bill Grueskin, How Did So Much of the Media Get the Steele Dossier So Wrong?
21. The American Conservative: Peter Van Buren, Durham Indicts Danchenko. The unravelling of the Steele dossier shows the only campaign that colluded with Russia was Hillary Clinton’s.
22. Washington Post: The Washington Post corrects, removes parts of two stories regarding the Steele dossier.
23. Biden tried to push Putin aside. The Russian isn’t having it. Putin’s troop buildup near Ukraine is spurring criticism that President Biden and his team aren’t tough enough on the Kremlin.

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