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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#194 :: Monday, 4 October 2021
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1. AP: Russians flock to antibody tests; West notes tool’s limit. When Russians discuss the coronavirus, the talk often turns to “antitela.”
2. TASS: COVID-19 vaccination rates leave much to be desired in Russia, says Kremlin –
3. Valdai Discussion Club: Thomas Graham, Stabilizing US-Russian Relations: So Far So Good, but Dangers Lurk –
4. Jacobin: Russia Has a New Socialist Movement. AN INTERVIEW WITH MIKHAIL LOBANOV. –
5. Intellinews: New OCCRP Pandora Papers leak reveals more details of secret financial networks of New Europe’s elite. A fresh leak of millions of documents released by the OCCRP sheds more light on the murky world of offshore holdings used by the elite of New Europe to hide their wealth.
6. Moscow Times: Russia Says Pandora Leaks Expose U.S. as Offshore Haven.
7. Interfax: Kremlin sees no credible info on ‘hidden wealth of Putin’s inner circle’ in Pandora Papers.
8. Russia further tightens restrictions on ‘foreign agent’ nonprofits: labelled groups must send annual reports to Justice Ministry –
9. Reuters: Russia expands ‘foreign agent’ crackdown to cover military sector
10. Wall Street Journal: Oil-Dependent Russia Seeks to Protect Economy From Energy Transition. Putin orders review of threshold for tapping sovereign fund after finance ministry says lower oil demand could hurt Russia’s budget.
11. Intellinews: Russia’s IPO boom. Russia’s IPO market has been dead for the last four years, but last year as the coronacrisis faded it suddenly came back to life and now a frenzy of listings have happened, with more in the pipeline.
12. ‘Legal squiggles’ could delay start of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline operation, Russian officials warn, as EU energy crisis deepens –
13. Putin Looks To Limit Wealth Fund Spending.
14. Russia Has Massive Hydropower And Wind Energy Potential.
15. Counterpunch: Robert Hunziker, Siberia’s Hot Streak –
16. Moscow Times: Russia Hosts First Royal Wedding in a Century in Former Imperial Capital.
17. The Spectator: Mark Galeotti, Is Russia ready for a Romanov restoration? The family are seeking a greater role in the public life of the country.
18. Russian International Affairs Council: Russia–China Dialogue: The 2021 Model –
19. Bloomberg: Erdogan Says Bye-Bye Biden But Is Putin a Keeper?. The Turkish leader may have no place to turn to but Moscow now that he’s burning his bridges to Washington.
20. Asia Times: Russia’s ally Tajikistan emerges as Taliban’s new nemesis. Tensions between Dushanbe and Kabul will remain high until the Taliban forms a truly inclusive government.
21. TASS: Russian Journalists’ Union demands Minsk free journalist Gennady Mozheiko.
22. Jonathan Millins, Belarus’ opposition wanted the country to turn towards the West. Instead, Minsk is more dependent on Russia than ever before. –
23. Caucusus Watch: Emil Avdaliani, Russia Sees an Opportunity in the Troubled Georgian Politics.
24. Tarik Cyril Amar, Clash in the Caucasus: As Georgia’s EU dream crashes on the rocks, bombastic Saakashvili’s dramatic return has been a non-event –
25. Ray McGovern, NYT Gives Russia-Gate CPR – WSJ Pronounces It Dead –
26. Washington Post: Carlos Lozada, The rare Trump insider memoir that doesn’t obsess over Trump. In ‘There Is Nothing for You Here” Fiona Hill warns of the dangers to democracy and opportunity in America and beyond.

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