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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#186 :: Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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1. Meeting with Central Election Commission Chairperson Ella Pamfilova –
2. TASS: Russian economy recovered despite unstable global situation — Putin –
3. Meduza: Election officials declare a majority win for United Russia in State Duma vote.
4. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, ANALYSIS OF RUSSIAN ELECTION RESULTS –
5. Intellinews: Ben Aris, Why are there no mass street protests after Russia’s rigged Duma election? Following Belarus’ rigged presidential elections hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets within hours. Russia has just held a similar election with demonstrable large-scale falsification, but there has been almost no reaction by the population.
6. Meduza: ‘Electronic voting must die’. Election expert Sergey Shpilkin explains how Russian officials thwart independent analysis.
7. Moscow Times: Statisticians Claim Half of Pro-Kremlin Votes in Duma Elections Were False. Russia’s opposition has claimed the vote was the country’s most fraudulent in recent history.
9. Russian & Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Russia’s 2021 Elections: A Little Deeper into Authoritarian Territory.
10. Facebook: Fred Weir, Russian Elections –
11. U.S. Department of State: The Russian Federation’s Duma Elections.
12. Russia to increase psychological, social & medical help available to pregnant women as country seeks to reduce abortions by 50% –
13. Meeting with deputy prime ministers. (Re rrying out the Demographic Policy Concept) –
14. Bloomberg: Russia Sees Its Oil Output Close to Post-Soviet High Next Year
15. Moscow Times: Gazprom Rejects Gas Transit Increase as Europe Faces Winter Fuel Crisis.
16. Responsible Statecraft: Anatol Lieven, Congress wants to put even more troops in Russia’s backyard. It may just be grandstanding for domestic purposes, but the effort poses grave implications for American and international security.
17. TASS: ‘Main troublemaker’: Official slams US geopolitical ‘experiments’ wrecking entire world.
18. TASS: Russian security chief warns of US, Atlantic allies becoming more erratic and belligerent –
19. Awful Avalanche: Taliban Victory – What Does It Really Mean? – Part IV –
20. Kremlin says ECHR’s claim Russia behind Litvinenko poisoning ‘unfounded,’ arguing court has no evidence of Moscow’s involvement –
21. Valdai Discussion Club: Oleg Barabanov, Values ​​and Interests in World Politics –
22. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dzianis Melyantsou, Have Moscow and Minsk Really Made a Breakthrough on Integration? Putting too much pressure on Belarus right now could backfire and lead to unforeseen consequences. It would appear that Russia understands that, and is therefore playing the long game on integration.
23. Consortium News: Patrick Lawrence, The Empire’s Last Stand. The origins of the first Cold War have been hopelessly blurred in the histories. We can watch this time. It is occurring before our eyes –

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