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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#181 :: Tuesday, 14 September 2021
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1. TASS: Vedomosti: Most Russians support Moscow’s possession of nuclear weapons.
2. New York Times: Vladimir Putin is isolating after possible exposure to the coronavirus
3. TASS: Putin didn’t endanger health of other people before self-isolating — Kremlin –
4. Al Jazeera: Mansur Mirovalev, Is Russia’s defence chief emerging as Putin’s possible successor? Putin is still pondering the idea of another term, but as he approaches 70, bets are being placed on Sergey Shoigu.
5. Meeting with Government members and United Russia party leadership –
6. Moscow Times: Felix Light, ‘The Leftward Turn Is Inevitable’: In Lenin’s Hometown, Russian Communists Strive for Soviet Revival. Despite Kremlin pressure, the party is hoping to use popular discontent over falling living standards to gain a strong showing in parliamentary elections this week.
7. AP: Russia opposition stifled but unbowed as Duma election nears
8. Your guide to Russian political parties ahead of the 2021 Parliamentary Election: The Liberal Democratic Party –
9. Riddle: Stanislav Andreychuk, Are these Russia’s last elections? –
10. Eurasia Review: Kester Kenn Klomegah, Russian Authorities Going Forth And Back With Migration Policy
11. Kenneth Rapoza, Quietly, Russia Beating The Market. Now Wall Street Eyes New IPOs
12. TASS: Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Getting Nord Stream 2 up and running may take a while.
13. Reuters: U.S. reassures allies over Nord Stream 2 but says it’s a ‘reality’
14. CNBC: Russia is building its military influence in Africa, challenging U.S. and French dominance
15. War with Russia & China would ‘destroy world’ & America must find ways to make peace with its Eastern rivals, top US general warns –
16. TASS: Afghanistan may face famine because of anti-Taliban sanctions — expert –
17. TASS: Der Spiegel articles on ‘Havana syndrome’ harm Russian-German relatio ns — Foreign Ministry –
18. Ted Snider, Ukraine, USA, Russia, and Spheres of Influence –
19. The Economist: Go West. Russia holds the largest military exercise in Europe for 40 years. The Zapad-21 drills point to deepening ties between Russia and Belarus.
20. Nic Cobb, Are Russia & Belarus gearing up for conflict with the West? Hysterical pundits are sounding alarms while ignoring NATO war games –
21. TASS: Bolshoi Theater to usher in new season by rolling out nine premieres –
22. Facebook: Fred Weir, Sputnik vaccine.

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