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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#15 :: Friday, 22 January 2021
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1. Russian International Affairs Council: Igor Ivanov, Russia and U.S. Must Not Squander Chances For Cooperation –
2. Intellinews: Police arresting activists ahead of Saturday’s demonstration in support of Navalny
3. Moscow Times: Felix Light and Pjotr Sauer, ‘A Step Into the Unknown’: Russians’ Relationship With Jailed Navalny Is Complicated. As the opposition activist calls for protests, polls show his support is small but growing.
4. TASS: Kremlin excoriates Navalny’s ‘expose’ of Putin’s ‘palace’ as huge myth.
5. Moscow Times: Judy Twigg, Russia’s Questionable Claims Overshadow Good Sputnik V Vaccine. Sputnik V appears to be a sound vaccine, but Russia damaged its scientific credibility with premature and exaggerated claims of success.
6. TASS: Kommersant: Russians skeptical about coronavirus vaccine.
7. ‘With lives at stake, politics must be forgotten’: Sputnik V sponsor warns demonizing Russian vaccine distracts from saving people –
8. TASS: Izvestia: How the West’s new sanctions impact Nord Stream 2’s fate –
9. TASS: US to paint Russia as enemy to evade criticism, unify Western world, experts say –
10. Interfax: Biden administration’s foreign policy to be based on anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, pro-NATO consensus – U.S. expert. (Thomas Graham)
11. Facebook: Fred Weir, Michael McFaul.
12. Glenn Diesen, Knowing ‘liberal international order’ needs Russia as enemy to galvanize West, Moscow braces for aggressive Biden foreign policy –
13. TASS: Russia hails US proposal for New START extension, but all depends on details — Kremlin –
14. Wall Street Journal: Biden Proposing to Extend U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Deal by Five Years. President vowed during campaign to extend the New START treaty, which is scheduled to lapse on Feb. 5.
15. TASS: Izvestia: Russia, US bound to reach arms control deal and vie over post-Soviet space –
16. Russia Matters: Alexandra Bell, Russia’s Impact on U.S. National Interests: Preventing Nuclear War and Proliferation. (excerpt)
17. Financial Times: Biden faces first foreign policy test with Russian balancing act. White House seeks arms control pact even as it warns of consequences for Navalny arrest.
18. Paul Goble: Biden Administration Set to Challenge Russia Across the Southern Caucasus, Sitnikov Says
19. After drawn out case, ECHR rejects Georgia’s claims of Russian Human Rights violations during 2008 war –
20. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, IRONIC. (re Telegram and Parler) –
21. Ray McGovern, Round Up the Usual Suspects; Don’t Forget Putin –
23. Kit Klarenberg, Christopher Steele’s declassified FBI interview: Playing up fake sources and juggling spying jobs –

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