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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2021-#149 :: Tuesday, 27 July 2021
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2. Banning Navalny’s website is ‘unacceptable’ & officials are abusing power against opposition figures – Senior Russian Communist –
3. Moscow Times: Russia Bans Navalny-Linked Candidate From St. Petersburg Assembly Elections.
4. Moscow Times: Andrei Kolesnikov, Are the Protest Movements Dead in Russia and Belarus? One year on, repressive measures have squelched the protest movements that arose in Khabarovsk and Belarus, but that smoldering resentment has simply gone underground.
5. AP: Volunteers pitch in to fight Russia’s raging forest fires
6. Carnegie Moscow Center: Tatiana Mitrova, Is Russia Finally Ready to Tackle Climate Change? In theory, climate change and green energy are areas in which there is scope for joint international projects, new investment, and the transfer of green technology to Russia. Yet drastic differences in targets set and regulatory frameworks make such an optimistic scenario unlikely.
8. AFP: Moscow Hopes U.S. ‘Serious’ in Seeking Dialogue in New Talks.
9. New York Times: Russia Is Banned, Yet It’s Everywhere at the Games. A doping punishment changes a country’s official name but little else about its Olympic experience.
11. The National Interest: Kathryn Stoner, Angela Merkel: Putin Whisperer? Merkel’s successor will face more of the same challenges with Russia as Putin’s regime grows more repressive within and aggressive abroad. Whether they will do any better than Merkel has is doubtful, but without her experience and foreign policy acumen, Germany’s new chancellor most certainly could do far worse.
12. Glenn Diesen, By acknowledging America can’t stop the pipeline, Biden’s Nord Stream 2 deal seals the end of the Washington-centric world order –
13. Moscow Times: Maria Shagina, Nord Stream 2 Is Far From a Done Deal. The U.S.-German agreement on the controversial gas pipeline is full of vague formulations and lacks concrete implementation mechanisms.
14. Financial Times: Russia seeks to forge ties with Taliban as US troops leave Afghanistan. Moscow cheers retreat of American forces and aims to stop threat of Isis and al-Qaeda spilling over its borders.
15. Intellinews: Russian plan for free trade zone on disputed islands angers Japan
16. Wall Street Journal: Russia Holds Military Drills Off Japan’s Mainland During Tokyo Olympics. Uptick in tension over long-running dispute with Japan comes as Russia’s athletes compete under the name Russian Olympic Committee.
17. TASS: Over 40% of Ukrainians think that Ukrainians and Russians are one people — opinion poll –
18. Facebook: Fred Weir, Ukraine’s “Betrayal”
19. International Security: Mark L. Haas, When Do Ideological Enemies Ally?
20. International Security: Elias Gotz and Michael McFaul, The Power of Putin in Russian Foreign Policy
21. Rachel Lloyd, The latest Trump ‘revelations’ show how conspiracy theories & rumors shared online about Russia are undermining American democracy –
22. TASS: ‘Tikhanovskaya’ project is fully financed by the West — Russian diplomat –
23. Kyiv Post: Timothy Ash, U.S. policy on Russia is wrong and failing
24. CEPA: Kurt Volker, How Putin Keeps Winning

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