JRL Table of Contents :: Johnson’s Russia List 2012-#172 – 2 October 2012

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Johnson’s Russia List
2 October 2012
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In this issue


1. Moscow Times: Meg Bortin, How The Moscow Times Was Born 20 Years Ago.
2. Russia Beyond the Headlines: What really angers Russians. Research by sociologists indicates that Russians accept the death penalty more readily than they tolerate gays and lesbians, while the downsides of tax evasion are ranked alongside the risks of betting at a casino.
3. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. The Russian patriarch and the head of the presidential administration discussed the national idea.
4. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Patriarch Kirill Comes out for Russian History.
5. RIA Novosti: Twenty Days in the Life of Vladimir Putin.
6. Financial Times: Putin: quit smoking and drinking, watch the World Cup.
7. RIA Novosti: Natalia Antonova, The Tao of Mark Zuckerberg.
8. Moscow Times/BBC Monitoring: What the Papers Say, Oct. 2, 2012.
9. Moscow Times: USAID Gone, Kremlin Tightens Control Over Non-Profits.
10. Washington Post: As USAID stops work in Russia, activists wonder how they can continue operations.
11. Novye Izvestia: COORDINATORS. Expert: Incapable of anything worthwhile, they set up commissions and councils.
12. RIA Novosti: Kudrin Refuses to Rejoin Govt. Over State Policies.
13. RBC Daily: CHANGING FILTERS. Experts analyze the first application of the municipal filter.
14. Moscow Times: Nikolai Petrov, Why the Kremlin Is Still Afraid of Elections.
15. Moscow News: Politics ­ from scratch. Are the opposition’s elections a dress rehearsal ­ or a budding political body?
16. Moscow News: A tale of two cities. As Moscow and New York are rocked by rallies, what can a protester expect in each city?
17. ITAR-TASS: RUSSIAN PRESS REVIEW. A member of the punk band Pussy Riot refused from the lawyer.
18. The Atlantic: Jeffrey Tayler, What’s Next for Russia’s Protest Movement? With the Pussy Riot affair marking another escalation in its conflict with the Kremlin, the opposition is playing an uncertain game on a changing chess board.
19. RIA NovostI: Ex Prison Official on Trial over Magnitsky Death.
20. Russia Beyond the Headlines: ‘Innocence of Muslims’ no longer innocent in Russia. The “Innocence of Muslims” ban hasn’t stirred any noticeable reaction from Russia’s human rights ombudsman while some Muslim readers praised this stance as a positive sign.
21. Rossiiskaya Gazeta: Immigrant Children Will Soon Account for 30 percent of Class in Russian Schools.
22. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Economics Not Ethnicity Said Powering Separatism in Russian Federation.
23. Moscow News: Mark Galeotti, What is the army for? Recent military exercises and the new budget both point to military ambitions.


24. RIA Novosti: Putin Outlines 2013 Anti-Crisis Measures.
25. Reuters: Russian economy to keep up four percent growth pace: Putin.
26. Moscow News: Budgets, pension reforms and $5.8Bln in stake sales. The Cabinet’s draft budget sticks to the oil price rule, while Shuvalov estimates close to $6 billion in September’s privatizations.
27. RIA Novosti: Putin Pledges Tax Changes to Ease Foreign Investment.
28. Moscow News: Clearer skies ahead. While Russia’s investment climate still requires improvement, the foundations for growth are in place and opportunities abound.
29. New York Times: Zuckerberg Meets With Medvedev in a Crucial Market.
30. Reuters: Russian oil output seen flat to 2020-EconMin.
31. Moscow Times: New Mortgages Estimated at Record $32Bln in 2012.


32. US-Russia.org: Discussion Panel. The End of USAID in Russia Exacerbates US-Russia Tensions. With Vlad Sobell, Alexei Pankin, Anatoly Karlin, Nicolai Petro, Dmitry Babich, Sergei Roy, Edward Lozansky, Patrick Armstrong, and Eric Kraus.
33. RFE/RL: PACE Report Strongly Criticizes Russia.
34. www.russiatoday.com: Russia warns PACE over critical resolution, double standards.
35. Moscow Times: Vladimir Ryzhkov, Obama Caves In to Kremlin Repression.
36. www.russiatoday.com: Moscow warns NATO on itchy trigger finger in Syria.
37. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russia interested in the Russian diaspora living abroad. How is life treating Russians living abroad and what sort of challenges are they facing there? How often do they come back to Russia? How efficient is the program for promoting the return of compatriots living abroad?
38. Bloomberg: Georgia Billionaire Scores Shock Vote Upset Over Saakashvili.
39. ITAR-TASS: Georgian opposition will continue course towards integration with EU & NATO.
40. Interfax: Matviyenko expects Russia-Georgia ties to improve after election.
41. Russia: Other Points of View: Gordon Hahn, RESPONSE TO ESTONIAN DEFENSE MINISTER’S ERRONEOUS ARTICLE. Problems of Expansionism: Russia, NATO, and Georgia.