JRL NEWSWATCH:”The Three Roadblocks Keeping Ukraine Mired in War” – WSJ

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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“… Ukraine’s army is inching forward on the battlefield but is short of firepower, including air power, and well-trained manpower to eject Russia’s occupying army from its east and south. The West is sticking to its incremental approach to arming Kyiv, and would like it to negotiate a cease-fire eventually. … [E]ven if … Putin were open to a deal, he has a long record of reneging on agreements and renewing his quest to put Ukraine back under Moscow’s sway. The current military and political deadlock looks set to continue until one of those three elements changes. …”

Click here for:”The Three Roadblocks Keeping Ukraine Mired in War; Slow gains on the battlefield, a cautious West and Putin’s record of breaking deals contribute to a deadlock that Kyiv fears plays in Russia’s favor.” – Wall Street Journal/ Marcus Walker