JRL NEWSWATCH: “Ukraine says it has evidence of 109,000 Russian war crimes” – Politico

File Photos of Law Books and Gavel, adapted from image at fjc.gov

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“Top prosecutor says Kyiv wants to document and prosecute ‘each and every incident.'”

“… Ukrain[e] … has collected evidence of around 109,000 alleged Russian war crimes … according to Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin … [who said] Ukrainian officials have identified more than 400 suspected perpetrators …. Around 300 have been indicted, … 66 convicted. … Kyiv has been compiling evidence of war crimes … to present to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The vast majority … were considered crimes against humanity, such as the mass executions of Ukrainians in Bucha in 2022. Kostin’s figures also include 265 investigations into crimes against the environment, such as the Russian attack on the Ukrainian Nova Kakhovka Dam … that led to … [thousands of] evacuation[s] …. Four cases … have … been opened into cyber war crime[s] ….”

Click here for: “Ukraine says it has evidence of 109,000 Russian war crimes” – Politico/ Maggie Miller